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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Malaysia Rooms For Rent

While driving me to school this morning, Mamarazzi spotted this Taxi. Interesting advertisement there. It's much better than putting up poster or signboard of Room for Rent all over the housing area. Not only that it's not that effective but also would dirty the area.

Upon coming home from school, Mamarazzidecided to look up the website. Pretty interesting.

There is a section for property owner to post up room for rent with all the terms and conditions listed down and a section for potential tenant to search for rooms.

There are sure a lot of  Malaysia rooms rent listed, categorise by states in Malaysia. The website is updated daily to give the most up to date news.
There is drop down list that state the preference on race and sex of potential tenant. This makes room hunting much easier. Ones do not have to call the potential Landlord only to be told that the he/she wishes to rent the room to females only and stuffs like that.

Mamarazzi also noticed that some of the advertisement posted with photographs of the room. Ones can view online the suitability of a room before deciding whether it's worth the drive to investigate further.

What is more attractive is that most of the advertisement states what sort of "extra" facilities are provided. This is good because the potential tenant would certainly wants to know if Internet connect is provided and if they may use the washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen for cooking and stuff like that.

She also noted that Short Term Rental is also available there. This is certainly a good news for travelers who wishes to see the sight and experience the rich culture of certain states at a cheaper price.

For Short Term Rental, Mamarazzi noted that most of the advertisement comes with photographs of the place. Interested tenants can check the availability of the rooms and book online instantly. Only downside of the booking chart is that we have to click the dates we wanted one by one instead of just key-in the required dates. This could be tedious as some property owner set minimum rental term for 20 days or more.

Mamarazzi is also happy to noted that there is a Guest Review section which give feedback to property owner and potential tenant on the condition of the rooms.

Overall, this is certainly a good website to go to if you are hunting for rooms as there are a large choice to choose from depending on your budget and requirements.


  1. good website..thanks for the info,.

  2. Oooh! I agree on posters only dirtying street walls! ahaha

    I have experienced myself looking for a room for rent in Singapore. A photo of the room was always my main attention beside the price hehehe

  3. I'm happy that things are getting easier for a lot of people with the help of internet.. Just like getting to know and learn more about what you intend buying or renting before the actual visit..
    Hope you have a great weekend..x

  4. pictures certainly help rather than wondering blindly. but from my recent hols, i realised that pics can be deceiving too:P

  5. Rad hate those poster all over the place and we dont know how "updated" are the info in the poster

  6. Missblurkit

    That's why have to go and view the place also before cfm the deposit


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