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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ka Ka Bak Kut Teh at Kepong

Okay okay...time to "clear" some of the backlog posts.

We "makan" here in November last year. 
It was just after a rainy day. Have no idea where or what to makan. Papa drove around and we arrived Kepong. Hence there and then we decided to have Bak-kut-teh as Kepong is also famous for that.

Spotted a BKT restaurant with a lot of people. Sure to be good gua since a lot of people makan here.

 Service was fast. Our bowl of "oily" rice. Very aromatic.

 The BKT. A lot of ingredient put in. Yummmm..

 Vegetable. Nice. Not over cooked.

And Mamarazzi claims that this is simply the BEST Vinegar Pig Trotter ever! They added a bit of dried Cili to make this. Very YUMMY!.

Would certainly go again even if it is just for this dish.

Not sure of the address but it's right opposite Carrefour Kepong. Easy to spot.


  1. wah, november BKT trip now only you post?? then i wonder how many backdated post you still have~~ :p

  2. Nice. Don't think ours here can compete... :(

  3. they have good vinegar pork trotter? I never have b4 although I stay here more than XX year "P

  4. hey..November ah! The food has gone to Indah water liow!!

  5. been there before, yup, the vinegar pig trotter is good! but as for the normal bah kut teh, i wasn't a fan of their soup ><

  6. LOL, you are not the only one having backlog posts to blog. I even more cham.....still have some big event as far back as Apr 2010 to blog (quite long punya), but still haven't found the time to write about it. Look like have to push myself already.

  7. I love it when vegetables are not over cooked.. And the Vinegar Pig Trotter looks really delicious.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend..

  8. I simply love the vinegar trotters and looks like worth the try place. The thing is I am seldom go to Kepong but will ask my other half who seems very familiar in this area.

  9. That day masak de BKT (Mau Sang Gor) de soup. Nice!

  10. KAKA BKT, what a name! :P I've only tried Klang and Old PJ town's BKT, should head down to Kepong and try their bkt one day HEHE

  11. SK

    got like 1 or 2 months back dated post :(.

    No time to sort and schedule

  12. STP

    Aiks...i have to buy lottery liao...1st time see you say over here is better than sibu

  13. Choi Yen

    Yes...Mamarazzi love the Vinegar pork trotter. Cukup "yup mei"

  14. Claire

    ya lo...have to pay it a visit soon

  15. Isaac

    I think saw your post or someone post about it

  16. ALice

    2010...errr....mine not that bad la LOL

  17. Wenn

    The venigar Pork trotter is nicer

  18. Nava

    it's worth the try coz they add some dried chili in it. Most place the dont add this

  19. Hilda

    kepong is also famous for the BKT


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