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Monday, 27 February 2012

I Love You Like a Love Song Baby

I was feeling fine the whole day on Sunday. Fever gone by night fall. But then this morning when I woke up, the nasty fever is back again. 39C again leh!!

Papa said I pretend to be sick one la coz don't wanna go to school. Where got people with fever 39C still can sing like this one?? Some more said I have to be brave when I go to the clinic as the doctor will "cucuk" my hand to take some blood. Aiks? Doctor become Vampire?

We arrived at the clinic and YAHOO!!! no jab jab for me . Doctor say have to go Hospital to jab jab for Blood Test.

Papa called my Auntie, Dr Soh, and zoom zoom we went the Specialist Hospital.

Yahoo! jab jab...Dr Soh said it's Ice cream cone cone something infection la. Said naughty Bacteria from my painful throat when and make a nest at my ear wor. Said very painful and that I was very brave to be able to stand the pain.

Yumm yumm...she gave me so "Lychee Syrup tasting" to drink to get rid of the infection.

At the end of the session, they told me to say Thank You and I went and said "Thank You Teacher". Papa and Mamarazzi pengsan-ed


  1. hahaha, small kucing so funny..

  2. So cute till can sing eh...aunty angeline wish u have a speedy recovery...

  3. oh no, its the flu season.. lets get well and over this soon ya

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  4. I love you too baby hahaha.. :P cute boy get well soon :(

  5. Wah, sick and singing the blues....

    Dr Soh sounds familiar....the child specialist at Damansara Specialist?

    Uncle Pete also down for 2 days....still recovering...

  6. Not bad, got lychee syrup tasted medicine :P

  7. Kids, when they are sick, they behave the same. Normal! My girl also started to cough few days ago and when I asked her this morning, she said her throat slightly pain. must have sore throat liaw. Give her some cough syrup. if still no better, need to bring her see doctor.

  8. Oh..glad he is feeling better now. son also love to sing this song.

  9. Hope small kucing will get well soon.

    LOL ! Thank you teacher. He is can understand la. hahaha

  10. Tonsils!!! CANNOT eat hot hot fried things liao lor... Na na na na na!!!!

  11. Hope he is feeling much better now..
    Loving the video, he is such a sweet little boy..

  12. Hope Small Kucing feeling better now.

    haha :D Cute singer you are! :)

  13. Oh dear u caught d bug too. Hope by now everyone will be strong. Have to take some probiotics after all this...

    Selena Gomez sure has a catchy song. So cute J voice singing. First time I m hearing his voice.

  14. Glad that your little one is recovering and nice to listen to the singing too.

  15. Oh ahaha. I played the video but couldn't figure out the song. Hehehe. He sang funny! Was it by Selena Gomez?

  16. so cute, I hope he is feeling better now xo

  17. so cute singing love song! lol. good that now u r well liao, must take care mamarazi liao leh. mamararazi get well soon!

  18. Wow, so we can sing karaoke together lah!!

  19. Isaac

    It was not flu. It's fever

  20. Pete

    Yes...that's the one..kekeke

  21. Choi Yen

    LOL ya lor....too bad kenot add ice

  22. Rose

    aiyo...hope she recover soon

  23. STP

    kenot eat fried stuff ah...BBQ ones can ah? :p

  24. Leona

    Looks like many are down with fever

  25. Nava

    LOL...frog calling to the rain :p


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