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Monday, 13 February 2012

He Left, I Took, Stealing?

Last Friday, I came bouncing out from school with this pretty Dragonfly. Mamarazzi saw and said " pretty". She didn't noticed anything amiss till we got down from the car. When she pick up the "dragonfly", she noticed that the name does not belong to me. It belongs to another kid from another class.

She then query me how did I get this "Dragonfly". I told her I pick up from the floor and the Cikgu gave it to me.

Mamarazzi suspected that someone left this in school and took it as mine. The Teacher on duty thought its mine and let me take it home.

Suspecting this, Mamarazzi to me to take it back to school today and return it to the teacher as it's not mine. Taking other kid's things like that is called stealing. Bad bad.

I said "NO! It's mine! The kid left it! Cikgu gave me!". I pulled all sorts of dramatic face coz I really wanted the pretty dragonfly.

Seeing my face like that, Mamarazzi said she would help me to make one for myself. It's bad to take other kid things like that. The other kid would have been looking forward to showing the artwork to his parents. The kid would be sad on losing the Dragonfly.

If I want a Dragonfly, I have to work for it. I have to learn how much hard work and effort that the other kid had done in order to make such a pretty dragonfly. Cannot simply take people things like just like that.

That evening, we started to work on my Dragonfly after finishing all my homework.

In the beginning I was very gung-ho about it. Happily color...and color and colour and c...o....l...o..u...r... errr no more energy....

But after coloring 3 sections of the Dragonfly, my hand started to be tired. Bum bum also started to be itchy.

I wanted Mamarazzi to color for me and she said no. Said I have to do it myself or else don't do at all. Cannot all talk and no action. I was the one who wanted the dragonfly. I have to do it. Not to "hangat-hangat tahi ayam"

 After more than half an hour,  this is the result! Nice?

Mamarazzi took the empty kitchen tissue roll and cut it into half. She then  help me to cut out the dragonfly. I put glue on the empty roll of the kitchen rolls.

I was very happy with my Dragonfly. Then I told Mamarazzi that I wanted to make one for Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence.

Mamarazzi draw the shape for me and again I started to color it.

 Jeng! Jeng! Nice or not? This one for Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence to share.

Now got 3 Dragonflies. Going to return the original one to the kid in the morning. Nice or not my two Dragonflies?


  1. playing with the dragonfly made by yourself is better mah.. somemore nicer and bigger than the kutip one~~

  2. hello mamarazzi, long time no see... me dropped by to say hai... to you and lil boy.

    me been moody leh still in shocked dont know what to blog brain not functioning :D

    I hope you're well in good health mamarazzi take care always.

    mars mello

  3. Of course la call stealing... u took something that is not yours... if not stealing call wud? Borrowing kah? Tsk tsk tsk... shame on u. You must return whatever that is not yours, no matter how much u like it. Your mamarazzi did the right thing. If you want something, must work for it... bukan suka suka ambik ppl's barang only, paham?

  4. Clap clap to Small Kucing, the dragonflies is so nice nice...

  5. Nice dragonfly! I agree with mamarazzi.. if you want something have to work for it yourself ;) Good job!

  6. Haha, can see from the photo which part of the dragonfly you coloured first lol
    Good and even colour when beginning but getting uneven & messy at last ~

  7. So instead of one dragonfly, now you got 2! doubles!
    He is not stealing la... he just help to pick up "extra" from the ground ma...

  8. I also think he is not stealing. He aware the kid left it and maybe Joshua really thought the kid do not want it anymore. Futhermore the teacher also granted the permission for him to take home.

    Similar thing also happened to Sarah last two weeks. She also abit hesitated to return as she said "No, I did not take my fren's thing. I picked up from the floor".

  9. well small kucing just happened to found it and the teacher gave it to him. but if can find the owner, return it, if not...finders keepers lor... *evil bear grin*

  10. Your mommy very smart wor, make ur own version and serve as gifts some more. Very pannai!

  11. So cute! What a good momma he has. I think I'll make dragonflies with my kids this week. :)

  12. Nice! Very nice, your dragonflies. You sure, not your girlfriend gave you one kah? I'm sure it was!!!! So small, already so gatal. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Nice dragonfly? Don't u feel more happy to make it yourself? :)

  14. Well, at least he got more dragonflies to play with now.

  15. I like the way you bring up your son with the right behaviour and attitude. Tell him that his dragonfly looks so superb and I love it very much.

  16. SK

    that was what Mamarazzi says lo

  17. Mell-o

    Hope you are better from the car accident by now.

  18. Sharon

    Thank you thank want one?

  19. Choi Yen

    Ya lo....hands tired liao

  20. Lenglui witch

    Thanks you thank you

  21. Claire

    hahaha....clean up the mess is it?

  22. Joanne

    Still not good also lor. Later the other kid will be hunting for it. Kesian

  23. AB

    owner name and class is written on the Dragon fly :p

  24. STP

    shh shh...dont pecah my temberang...I got a malay gf in school leh

  25. Chee Yee

    so happy that I made one more for Uncle Pat and Auntie Flo

  26. Nava

    That is the way it should be :)

  27. Ling

    boleh tipu tipu anak a bit la LOL

  28. wah .... didn't noticed the size is so big until the picture of him with his art work!! Good job!!!! No wonder he complain tired from colouring la coz it's really so much to colour for that size of gigantic dragon fly, hehehehe. Good job!!!!!


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