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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chums Meet Up at Little Penang Cafe, KLCC

Last year ( read correctly. Mamarazzi have a lot of post yet to do), Papa's childhood friend came back to Malaysia for a visit.

 We met up at Little Penang Cafe at KLCC. I was a bit "hyper". Kept playing "peekaboo" and running about.

 Mamarazzi ordered "Barley Lime" for me. Refreshing and cooling.

I shared a plate of Seafood fried rice with Mamarazzi.

 Mmm....I just love the "Ikan Bilis" Yummmm...

 Papa's plate of Char Keoy Teow with a bit of Crab Meat on top. I am sure my fried rice is nicer.

After makan, the "BOY"(for an unknown reason, I called Papa's friend as 'the boy') ordered Ice Kacang for us.

Yummy ..Ice Kacang. Even Ah Mah can't resist to have a taste.

"The Boy" hand was very fast. He went and paid before anyone realised it. We only realised when someone at the table called out to "the Boy" that Big Boss(Papa) here should pay. Sigh...why didn't call out faster or louder.

All I can say is thank you very much to "the boy" for the meal and the goodies.


  1. Last year? Aiyor...history liao lor!!! KLCC also has Little Penang? Didn't see it there...

  2. hahaha, small kucing become super "hyper" because got one "ah boy" there also?? hehe~~ :p

  3. Hi SK, ha ha, enjoyed this posting.
    Love the food and the kueh teow looks good.
    Have a nice day.

  4. So the BOY is faster than the mama with few Hands?? hahaha... He must have learn it from another Sifu.. :)

  5. The quest always have quick hands. hahaha! At least the friend enjoyed all the good place and good food mamarazzi brought around.

  6. wow.. carving for ice kacang now

  7. hehe, how old is the "Boy"? :P I've tried this cafe before, the taste is okay i guess, but the only food in KLCC that has any resemblance to Penang food, hence the name :)

  8. Too many event to post rite? Last year or this year is long as you you continue to blog.

  9. wow i like the one with crab topping! haha yuppp! quick hand u need! or secretly go pay! haha

  10. LOL @ the boy being very fast... You all really had a good time. That rice looks really delicious.

  11. My hubby will die for the kuey teow and he can eat it almost everyday whereas mine is the rest, esp the nasi goreng and ikan bilis.

  12. STP

    Memang la..Hari ini dalam sejarah :p

  13. Claire

    coz he sitting nearer to the counter

  14. Isaac

    The Boy should be around 40 :p

  15. May

    Fried rice is always nice if not too oily :)


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