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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nasi Briyani at Restaurant Salma, Section U5 Shah Alam

Me getting well already, Mamarazzi pulak down with fever and vomiting. Hence no new post today. It a post drafted much earlier yet to publish. Here goes.

Some time in December 2011, Mamarazzi was having craving for Nasi Briyani.  Hence we went to Salma for the Nasi Briyani.

 Hmm....this is what I call Nasi the dried grapes, cashew nuts and plenty of herbs.

Even found a hidden treasure under the rice.

Have no fear. Green Chili aren't spicy unless it's Cili Padi

Came with Acar. Delicious

 Additional dish that Mamarazzi ordered. Lady Fingers.

 Let me eat first.

 Papadom. Too bad now they start charging for the Papadom. RM1 for this plate of Papadoms.

But it's great to put the rice on the Papadoms and eat. Yum yum...crunchy.

Here is the address No. 19, Jln Waruna AR U5/AR, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I Love You Like a Love Song Baby

I was feeling fine the whole day on Sunday. Fever gone by night fall. But then this morning when I woke up, the nasty fever is back again. 39C again leh!!

Papa said I pretend to be sick one la coz don't wanna go to school. Where got people with fever 39C still can sing like this one?? Some more said I have to be brave when I go to the clinic as the doctor will "cucuk" my hand to take some blood. Aiks? Doctor become Vampire?

We arrived at the clinic and YAHOO!!! no jab jab for me . Doctor say have to go Hospital to jab jab for Blood Test.

Papa called my Auntie, Dr Soh, and zoom zoom we went the Specialist Hospital.

Yahoo! jab jab...Dr Soh said it's Ice cream cone cone something infection la. Said naughty Bacteria from my painful throat when and make a nest at my ear wor. Said very painful and that I was very brave to be able to stand the pain.

Yumm yumm...she gave me so "Lychee Syrup tasting" to drink to get rid of the infection.

At the end of the session, they told me to say Thank You and I went and said "Thank You Teacher". Papa and Mamarazzi pengsan-ed

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My "HIGH" Birthday

 Right after my class on Thursday, Papa and Mamarazzi bought me go "jalan-jalan" at 1Utama.

Bob the Builder here I come!

There! The Friso Gold thingy that Mommy Ling have been talking about. But hungry leh...go makan 1st.

 We decided to have Teppayaki at Food Republic

 Drooling liao..

 Mamarazzi and Papa had Moo Moo set.

 while I had the mushroom set. 

 However, I started to feel cold half way eating.

Mamarazzi touched my forehead and felt it was a bit warm.

 But I was still very active. Even managed to run here and there at the "bridge". Posing some more.

After that we went for the Friso thingy. It was fun...i was catching frogs and butterflies. 

As I was "painting", it happened!. BUWEKKKKK!!!! I "spray painted" the screen with the rice and what not from my tummy. I started to feel unwell. We didn't finish the game and we went home instead. Hmm...must have caught some virus some where.

Mamarazzi gave me some Fever medicine. That night, my temperature instead of going down, it shoot up high. I was shivering and breathing was ragged.Vomited again and no more energy liao. Lembik like Taufu Fa.

In the morning, Papa and Mamarazzi brought me to the Clinic. Temperature was 39.4C. Sobs poor bum bum was "sodomised" by two "bullets". Doctor said have to go back and see him the next day. If no improvement, will have to do Blood Test. 

Well, the next day my temperature was still pretty "high" at 38C but no jab jab yet. This morning went for follow up. Much improved. Will need to go for a follow up tomorrow. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll be fine and able to go to school coz I haven't collected my Birthday pressie from the Principal yet leh .

Friday, 24 February 2012

My Birthday Party At The Kiddie

Yesterday was my 4th Birthday.

I woke up early to a bed full of gifts. Thank you everyone for the gifts and angpaus.

Cepat Cepat took my bath as it was a school day. Mamarazzi said will come to school and celebrate my birthday with me and friends.

This is the Cake that I choose when Mamarazzi let me choose my own cake.

When it was time for my "recess", Papa and Mamarazzi armed with this cake and ...

 .. some gifts bought from BookXcess and home made goodies bags ready to go to school.

Alamak! mana tau when they got to the car park, Papa found the back tyre was punctured!!

Oh! No!! It's another 15minutes to Party Time. How?? Mommy Yen to the rescue?? Hmm....Paiseh la...people working wor...walk to school...a bit far.

Mamarazzi called the Principal thinking maybe ask if can postphone the Party or something like that. A pleaseant surprise was waiting for her as the Principal straightaway asked her where is our house and that she would come and fetch them.

And she did just that!!

 I was so happy to see Papa and Mamarazzi. I straightaway call my friends to come out of the class.

 Lighted the candles, made a wish and I huffed and puffed.

 Cut cake!!

 Who else don't have cake?

Hey! You! No taking photos. Come sit down and eat cake.

 I wanna distribute the gifts to my friends but Papa and Mamarazzi sibuk wanna snap photos pulak. Aiyak...

 Here you go...hope you like it!

Yay! a great party. Thanks to the Principals and Teachers for helping out. I will be missing for a few days. Will be back soon with more news. See Ya!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Restaurant Golden Sun, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Old Klang Road

  Finally finished November posts....gua...unless Mamarazzi dug up something else.

 Last December we had lunch at Golden Sun Restaurant.

 The "appetiser" came first. A bit of spicy thingy. Spicy but nice.

 While waiting for the food to be served, we had their Dim Sum.

 Bouncy Fish Balls

 Delicious Siew Mai

 And Har Kow though the skin were a bit thick.

 Braised Sharkfin Soup with Shredded Abalone and Crab Meat at a promotional price of RM8-80++.

 Super sweet and yummy Patin fish. Tender.

Asparagus with some sort of clams. Too bad the asparagus was not that young.

Another favourite of everyone. Herbal Chicken. The "soup" goes great with white rice.

Last but not least, Chef recommended noodle. Hmm...taste ordinary.

Overall it has been an enjoyable experience dining here. Service was quite fast though they play the music a bit too loud and one of the staffs there was talking rather loudly to his colleagues which marred the experience a bit. But don't let this hinder you from visiting the restaurant. The food there was rather good.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Marche at The Curve, Revisited

It was a fne evening. Mr Sun was shinning with an extra smile before Mr Moon takes over.

 We decided to go have a "light" dinner at Marche. Mamarazzi's glass of Iced Lemon Tea.

Don't know whether Mamarazzi recalled correctly or not but if not mistaken, back in May 2011, the soft drinks were refillable but this round it was not.

Can't resist their delicious Mushroom soup

 and the delicious bread to go with the soup.

 Had their Beef Pizza.

Mmm..yum yum...I like.

Mamarazzi had their grilled Chicken. She didn't really like it. Taste a bit dry for her. 

 Hmm...don't know why but even when eating, Mamarazzi felt so sleepy. Hence she went and got a cup of coffee.

Comes with these little "cups" of Milk.

 I asked Auntie Florence to open them for me.

 I drank them.
Gosh...she was shocked.

Love their Caesar Salad too. It's very fresh and delicious.

Would certainly go back again for the soup and salad.

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