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Monday, 30 January 2012

Warong Norazila, Kuala Ibai, Kuala Trengganu

Good Morning! Say "Cheese!"

 Say "Cheese!"

 Come...let me scratch your ears.

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we started the journey early. Stopped at Kuala Ibai to have breakfast at Warong Norazila. 

It's located at Persimpangan Masjid Tg. Tengah Tengku Zaharah right where the junction going to the Famous Floating Mosque is.

We saw quite a lot of people comes to this Restaurant.

 Papa ordered "Nasi Minyak"(Directly translated as Oily Rice) for all of us. It comes with some Acar(pickled cucumber, onion, carrots and chili)

 As for the meat, Papa had, Chicken meat while Mamarazzi had beef. Both said tasted good. Mamarazzi said this Nasi Minyak is as good as Nasi Minyak John. Yummm..

Not enough with the Nasi Minyak, Papa got himself some Nasi Dagang(Directly translated as Trading Rice). 

It's normal rice mixed with glutious rice cooked with coconut milk and some spices. It's eaten with Fish Curry which is cooked in Malay style.

Hmm...still not enough...Papa got himself a plate of Nasi Lemak. It's rice cooked with coconut milk. Tasted pretty good with generous amount of Fish Sambal. 

Have you fainted yet? No? Coz after that, Papa ordered some Roti Jala. Roti is known as Bread while Jala is known as Net. Bread Net?? Weird name ya?

Well, maybe coz itself looks a bit like net.Papa loves this.

I fell in love with the Teh Tarik(Pulled Tea). This one supposed to be Papa's but I drank it all.

 Then Papa noticed something behind me. It's a banner.

 I bet most Malaysian know what is Roti Kahwin.

 But have you heard of Roti Tampar? Would have love to try out the Roti Tampar but too bad the stall was not open when we were there. Hmm...maybe next time.

Well, if you are ever in Kuala Trengganu and would like to try out some of the local Malay breakfast, do stop by Warong Nurazila at at Persimpangan Masjid Tg. Tengah Tengku Zaharah. The place was quite clean when we were there and the service was fast.

Not sure whether the bills is correct or not coz total comes up to RM16 only.


  1. I like the cheese pics with a cute cat!

  2. Ahhhhh!!!! Roti jala!!!! I want!!!!

  3. What a discovery of the Roti Tampar, too bad the shop was closed if not, I would have find out further.

    All of those food, including Nasi Minyak, Nasi Dagang and Nasi Lemak are those I will drool for, you know me and nasi cannot be separated. Lovely spread of food.

  4. Dear Small Kucing, could you explain what is Roti Kahwin...have not try it, wonder what is it. I know roti canai. Thanks :)

  5. Roti kahwin?? first time dengar he he he I haven't try that menu yet, but my hun lovr roti tampal so much!!

  6. haha, good lah, able to eat is a bliss!! "sik duk sii fook" mah~~ :)

  7. Just had my dinner, if not will be very hungry looking at the foods...

  8. teh tarik.. tarik long long.. the longer the better.. hehe

  9. that's a killer breakfast!!

  10. Wah, luckilly don't have roti!

  11. OMG! All these very ngam auntie wan. Bet the nasi minyak taste delicious... goes very well with pesamah daging, rendang, kari... and yes, acar! YUM YUM!

  12. Hey! Where did my comment go?

  13. Hmmmm..Yummm. All pictures of the foods/cat are so yummm!!

  14. SK...balik kampung for Gong Xi fa cai ye...auntie pun mesti pekena nasi dagang bila balik kampung...and favorite auntie yang bungkus kecik2 dalam daun pisang tu..that one kan, auntie can wallop 2 bungkus in one go tau...see how tembam already auntie...

    SK..auntie want to wish you and family, Gong Xi Fa Cai and welcome to dragon year...tapi SK jangan buat mamarazi jadi dragon tau...nanti dia kuar asap, susah ooo...:)

    see u

  15. Ur papa really can eat hor.... :P
    Why the nasi minyak so colourful?

  16. Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Never been to KT, one place that must
    Visit one day . Interesting to see they sell roti tampar, don't know how they look like, hehehe..

  17. What? So much for only RM16... unbelievable! It's like having a buffet meal. Papa must be the happiest man on earth that day hehe.

  18. STP

    aiks....another fan of Roti Jala ah...Come KL . I ask Papa to bring you to Restaurant Jaring. Papa likes the roti jala there

  19. Nava

    Next round will try and find out what is roti tampar

  20. Iriene

    Roti Kahwin is normally two slices of bread. One slice put butter/majerin then the other put kaya. Two different kind of spread and the kapit together.

  21. Mell-o

    Eh roti kahwin tak pernah dengar/ Try order this at Old Town Kopitiam. They have it I think

  22. Doc

    gotta die sooner or later. Better be a tum tum full ghost than a hungry ghost lo

  23. Pete

    Maybe they will invent one soon

  24. Auntie Cleff

    bila wanna folow us balik kampung. such you will add on weight one

  25. Syahidah

    Memang sedap. Welcome back to Msia

  26. Marie

    Skrg the bungkus ones makin lama isinya makin kurang le :(

  27. Choi Yen

    It's the style there. Memang colourful one

  28. Chloe

    Thats why la...dunno they have silap kira or not

  29. Whoa! That's a lot of food for Paparazzi!


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