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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toyota Cars For Sale

Cars! Cars! Cars! Got car headache. No car also headache.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Everyone will be rushing to the workshop to get their car(s) serviced. People at the workshop would certainly be very happy coz of the brisk business.

Papa just got his Wira serviced the other day. A friend would be taking over the Wira. We are very happy that it had finally found someone who will appreciate it rather than leave it rot at home.

You see, Mamarazzi is very short. She can't drive the Wira as the seat is quite low.

It's a different story if the car is like Exora, Kembara or maybe something with a higher seat so that she can see better.

Papa also preferred car with a higher seat. At least with a higher seat, the driver and passengers would be more comfortable and no complaints from anyone saying seat is too low. Can't get out of the car and things like that.

Since both of them grumbled so much, I told them buy "Kereta Lembu" lah. Nope...I don't mean Bullock cart. I mean Toyota coz to my kiddy eyes, the logo have the shape of the "Horn". Very macho looking. Sure to be very durable even when under rough handling.

Buy Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota Harrier sure there will be no complaint as the seats are high and looks so manly. But Papa says money doesn't grows on trees. New cars is very expensive nowadays. Anyway, now it's not the time to change cars yet.

While sending me to school today, Mamarazzi saw our neighbour changed car. Mamarazzi teased her saying that she is so rich can change car so often. The neighbor then told her it's a secondhand car and that it was a bargain but reluctant to reveal the price.

Being curious, Mamarazzi asked her where did she got the car from? Buy from a friend or relative? She told Mamarazzi that she went to a website called CarSifu.

Your guess is as good as mine. Knowing her "kaypoh-ness", I know that Mamarazzi would immediately go home and online to check out how much the neighbor bought the car for. And she did just that!

She googled and found our neigbour's car at this particular page: It is a page that tells the detailed information of various models of Toyota car.
Actually it's a pretty cool website.Basically, this website is a website that listed cars for sale. Various cars for sale can be seen on this website along with their pricing and their seller's contact number.

The website is not only detailed, but it's also very user friendly. Pictures of the cars are also uploaded into this website to give potential buyers an idea on how the cars that's being put on sale actually looks like.

You can also find all sort of car that you want to buy from this website. All you need to do is just perform a search on this website and a short-listed list will appear after awhile. I think this is the best and the most convenient place to browse if you want to get yourself a car with a good deal. You're definitely spoiled for choice in this car website.

Cool!  I must certainly ask Papa to go through it. Maybe he would wanna change car ?


  1. I don't think I will change car for another ten years... hehe, we just change to lembu cars 2 years ago. Our mercs was 21 years old before we change it, the big elephant MPV was 5 years old. We change the elephant MPV to the lembu car because consumption very high and as we are nearing our retirement, we have to spend wisely. If not after finish all our money, still cannot die how?? hehehe

  2. Heh heh - I'm hoping for a second hand hybrid, but those are still relatively new, so it'll be awhiles yet :P

  3. I ll stick to my kura kura car...have been driving for almost 10 yrs, but still prefer a smaller car...ehehehhe.

    This is one good site for reference.

  4. QPC

    Kereta Lembu more tahan lasak right?

  5. Wenn

    If not mistake, you have Toyota too right

  6. Synical

    LOL....ya have to wait. But people change car very fast. Think it would be a long wait

  7. I have 2 Toyotas and love them both!!

  8. Mamarazzi's THE BEST!! How did she know aunty had been recently mulling about changing my Kembara to a Toyota Rush?? Amazing!! Pls thanks Mamarazzi for me ya SK! :)

  9. buying car also can use the Internet.

  10. hai SK...wah, mamarazi kaypoohci so good lah..auntie also baru jumpa that site, browsing sambil2 auntie berangan...1 lagi website auntie selalu browse is tu...barang2 utk SK pun ada jugak..:)

    p/s: Mamarazi dah beli belum baju utk CNY SK nanti?...

  11. mNhL

    saves time need to run to several car dealers.

  12. Marie

    dah beli dah kat warehse sale. Beli cheap cheap punya


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