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Monday, 9 January 2012

M.I.A and Frying Chinese Arrow Head

Hi there! sorry as I have been "M.I.A" . Mamarazzi says thanks for all the e-mail/Messages/SMS received. Am alright.

I M.I.A coz Mamarazzi was suddenly very busy lor.

The cause of M.I.A? This little "Monster"(Chinese Arrowhead a.k.a Ngaku) and some miscellaneous things that need attentions. By the time everything is done, Mamarazzi was too tired to draft any blog post.

Over the weekend there was a price war for this "Chinese Arrowhead". Just last month Mamarazzi blogged about Frying Chinese Arrowhead and the price then was RM3.28/kg. 
Last weekend some hypermarket are selling these for RM1.08 and 89sens only. Just now, Mommy Ling was telling Mamarazzi that Jusco was selling these at 29sen/kg yesterday! 

Haiz...Mamarazzi "borong" a lot.

Anyway, now that Mamarazzi got things pat down to a's easy for her to fry it. Previous years she felt bored frying these but this year it was fun for her.

She would just peels a few first instead of a whole batch. Cut off the bum bum.

*sniff sniff bum bum* hmmm...the Ngaku didn't "prooot" at my face.

 Peel of the skin but leaving the stem intact. Throw into salt water to wash. Heat up the oil in the "wok" .

She didn't break the stem coz she need to hold it while she slice the Ngaku.

This year, she sliced directly into the "wok" instead.

While waiting for the "chips" to be fully cooked, she continue washing ad peeling the rest of the Ngaku and attend to other things while.

By then, the "chips" would be just nice. Golden brown. Yum yum.

Apart from frying Ngaku, we also went for "Makan-makan" and also saw "Lion Dance". Trying to "YouTube" it but the process is so slow. Hmm..maybe should get "Unifi"?

Well, that's all for now. Will be back again...soon....have to wait till Mamarazzi's hands and feel no longer "jellyfied" first.


  1. wah, mamarazzi getting more and more expert already.. can multitask when frying now somemore.. so one day can produce 50kg?? can open stall to sell la.. :D

  2. wow interesting You're really a good cook XD

  3. Hahhha..price war!! pengsan***

  4. SK, please thank Mamarazzi for posting 'step by step' guide to frying Ngaku! :) Ahhh, aunty's fingers a bit itchy the super cheap price of ngaku now is TOO tempting!

  5. Like you, I have been pretty busy too, so I thought I will give blogging a break on Sundays and you know, at times the brains does not work and so difficult to write.

    I have not made the arrow head chips but now with CNY, plenty around. I think I will give this chips a try and see what happens.

  6. No wonder la!! I noticed you were MIA but I know you must be busy doing arrow heads!! Thumbs up for getting more professional already!

  7. For me, altho its a nice snack to eat, but really a tedious job leh.

    So bravo to you!

  8. wah Yum! Small Kucing must be excited also for the coming CNY right.. hehe

  9. making your own arrow head chips? much work but certainly yummy and quick to eat:D

  10. If only I hv the time, I would do that too..

  11. Auntie takut that monster. Last year kena teruk by that monster. >.< Suruh auntie goreng ayam ok la... but this one, tak boleh la...dahlah hangit banyak... den those that tarak hangit tikus will curi pulak. Very depressing!

  12. Auntie takut that monster. Last year kena teruk by that monster. >.< Suruh auntie goreng ayam ok la... but this one, tak boleh la...dahlah hangit banyak... den those that tarak hangit tikus will curi pulak. Very depressing!

  13. I also long time didn't blog hopping, so busy with workload >.<

  14. Just wondering whether you salt the ngaku after frying.

  15. SK

    ya lo...must multi task else boring leh

    50KG??? Sure Mamarazzi become ikan kering liao

  16. Tanntoot

    sure or not?? kekeke normally weekend the price will drop. Guess this coming weekend price will be super cheap coz ppl wont wanna buy any more.

  17. Nava

    True...brian not it's better to rest

  18. Joanne

    yes, tedious to make but kira ok la since biasa already

  19. Wenn

    no need la...just buy easier. Now price drop to rm9 a container

  20. Auntie Cleff

    habis u eat so easy LOL

  21. Sharon

    not gng to make anything else. Rather tired

  22. Choi Yen

    Nevermind...drop by only when u have time

  23. Che-Cheh

    Nope . Didnt salt them. Preferred them plain

  24. Prince and princess mum

    Yummy or not it disappearing very fast

  25. very geng can fry direct to the wok now!! 'pui fok'

  26. Cynthia

    Each time learning new thing lor

  27. U r so pro now. Can multitask!

  28. Can fry and sell next time....home biz. good profit wor since price war nw.

  29. Leona

    Fry for friend and family to eat okay la but to sell very tiring..


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