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Friday, 6 January 2012

Malaysia's Largest Property Website

Mamarazzi have a friend who needs to move house in a short period of time and is at wits end looking for a suitable house to move into. Really headache on where and how to find a suitable place.

Initially, Mamarazzi simply copied those advertisement from 7-Eleven for her friend to look into, but unfortunately for her friend, the method doesn't work because most of the real property ads that has
been placed at the community board has already expired.

By the time Mamarazzi's friend called up those advertiser, they told her the properties in questions is already occupied or have already been sold off.

Looking for properties by using this method is really time consuming and not effective. Mamarazzi was about to give up helping her friend when she chanced upon a Malaysia property website.

This website is known as Propwall. It's Malaysia's largest property listing website.
This is exactly what Mamarazzi's friend need; a website that listed updated properties for rent and for sale along with the pricing and property agents contact numbers.

This website also provides very detailed description of properties advertised for the potential clients to see, including the pictures of the properties that they are leasing or selling.

It is very convenient to have a one stop property listing, I must say. Unlike the traditional method, one would never have to worry about calling up advertisers who will tell you that the properties
advertised was no longer valid because all information placed in this website is really up to date.

This website is not only really useful and user friendly, but it's also easy to use. You don't need to look at the pages one by one to look for the properties that you want to rent or buy. All you need to
do is just perform a search in their provided search box according to your preference and the website will come out with results that will suit your preference and budget requirements.

This website is definitely for those who wants to look up properties for various reason. So yeah, if you're looking for a house for investment purposes or to move into, this is the right place to look at. With more than 200,000 properties being listed on this website, there must be something that is suitable for you.


  1. Small Kucing really love to take pics! :) Very cute.


  2. Many will find this information very useful.. Good discovery and i wish you a beautiful weekened.

  3. I thinks its a great website esp for those who are looking for property. I am contented where I am staying now and I don't think I will want to move. I can't take the shifting and carrying of barang-barang and starting will all the interior designing again.

    Prices of house has sky rocketed and nothing less then RM200,000 for a small space today.


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