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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lion Dance at SS 2 Mall

After Mamarazzi's crazy frying Ngaku(Chinese Arrowheads) session, we went and have a late lunch at Kanna Curry House in P.J.

As it was still too early to go for Pasar Malam(Night Market), Papa brought us to SS2 Mall to hang out.

While we were there, I heard very loud drum beating.  Being such a "kaypoh", Mamarazzi dragged me to the source of the sound.

Wahh got this "kor-Kor" playing big big drum.

On the floor, I can see a Pomelo and some salad leaves in a tray. It was surrounded by some Mandarin Oranges.

so loud....scary scary

Finally the Lions came out to play. They were real playful. Greeted customers and play with them.

Then the show started.

Playful lions playing among themselves.

They discovered the oranges and Pomelo. 

Both of them wanted the Oranges and Pomelo. It was real fun to see how one of the Lion teased and licked one of the Mandarin oranges while the other one plong him/herself on the Pomelo.

One of the Lion came over and gave the onlookers Mandarin oranges. I got one! The naughty Lion even "licked" my "botak head"!. Guess, I'll be very "ong"(have good luck) this year.

Well...all good things must ends. Cheeky Lions have to go home liao. Can't stay at the Mall.

Before they went home, they presented the Lady who is In-charge of the Mall, the plate of Pomelo and Salad leaves.

My lucky Mandarin Orange.

Mamarazzi peeled for me.

Ngap!'s so juicy and sweet! Finger licking good!


  1. tong tong chiang!! CNY is so near now, are your angpaos ready? :p hehe, this year will be my first time giving out ang paos.. need your advice :)

  2. The Lion dance looks really interesting.You all must have had lots of fun..

  3. Wonderful fun ( and yes a little scary too) loved this post my friend. xo

  4. Ya...I don't like too. So noisy...and if tambah firecrackers, lagi worse. Give me peace and quiet anytime...

  5. wahhhh look's like the lil boy really have fun...hehehe

    btw mamarazzi dah download software tu??

    last year was year of the rabbit right? this year is what ?? :D wanna read if got good feng sui for this year..

    whoa tak lama lagi chinese new year yay!

  6. toong toong chang has arrived? yes, will be hearing a lot of that by next week!! must stuff our ears! goong hei goong hei!!

  7. I have not get to see any lion dances yet... hehe...

  8. Wah now latest lions got blink blink lights going high tech.

  9. Wonder in future will they place a recorded message as if the lion can talk with well wishes and greetings?

  10. wah!! got the orange from the lion!! eih, mamarazzi this year you sure HUATT ARRR~~ :D

  11. Wah!! Already got lion dance, i must go to mall hopping and see lion dance, my boys love it.

  12. I practise every CNY day 1 go to Tien Ho temple praying and see lion dance, hehehe..

  13. Kids love lion dance, don't they?

  14. I could not stop laughing with your comments on my blog just a while.

    OK, I will not step into SS2 from now on till CNY, massive crowd with all the stalls. Yes, I also cannot tahan the crackers and like your son, both my ears will be closed.

  15. Loved watching the videos. My kids loved watching the videos too!!

  16. Isaac

    1st year of marriage wor...have to pay double leh...ahem...faster kasi address...i go take angpau from you hahaha

  17. May

    Yup...every yet the same here. Dragon dance is much more fun.

  18. Katie

    Thanks :) ...ya...some kids are afraid of the loud banging

  19. Mell-o

    Ya tengah "experimenting" LOL. Maklumlah..orang tua. Need to learn a lot. Dah download kena learn pulak to use hahaha

    Last year rabbit year very BAD. Earthquake la, flood la fire la everything also got. Hmmm....nampaknya we'll have to go to Satay Hj Samuri to order Satay arnab. Kasi panggang the naughty arnab..jump here and there kasi rosak the earth ..grrrrr

  20. Claire

    Once a year kira okay a...

  21. Sharon

    aww...surely this weekend at shopping complex will have

  22. Bananaz

    Hmmmmm....not surprising wor...Maybe in future they would just do dat. ANyway, these two lions were very sang mang(lively).

  23. Annie

    got got....maybe if petaling st will even have lion dance leh

  24. Sonia

    oo we dont do that . Nice ah?

  25. Prince and princess mom

    some does and some are scared

  26. Nava

    LOL....for real..Mamarazzi looks scary in the morning

    Ya that SS2 area would certainly be very jam around this time

  27. Christina

    You cant come to see Lion Dance, so The Lion Dance goes to you :P

  28. HAAAAAAPPPY NEW YEAR lo!!!! :D tong tong chiang!

  29. love your boy botak look, he is just cute.

  30. haha.....the lion dance licked your botak head. best of luck this year.


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