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Friday, 13 January 2012

"Lightning Shopping" at Ipoh

What is "lightning shopping"? New phrase by crazy Mamarazzi that means super-duper quick shopping.

Well, that was what Mamarazzi did since we only have  a few hours in Ipoh.

First stop. Aun Kheng Lim  Salted Chicken Shop. Don't even need to get down from the car.The staffs were waiting at the road side to see what customer wants. Mamarazzi just show hand signal "5" and the staff very fast brought us 5 Salted Chicken together with the change. Very efficient. 

After dinner, we stopped by Yee Hup to get some "hand letters" (Goodies).

Bought some of their "Heoang Peah". Hmm....price increased to RM7 since the last round we been there. Portion seems to have strunk too. But luckily the biscuit quality still as good. Tasted great.

Bought some of these Kuih Kapit cum Chicken Floss cookies. Mamarazzi know that it's good coz she had tried it last round.

Papa spotted these Tau Sar Peah at the counter. Bought two rolls.

Looks like Yee Hup had geared uop for Chinese New Year. This gift set cost RM16-90 only.

Some Chicken Floss Puff for me.

And some "Flower Tea" for Mamarazzi. She haven't open and try it out yet. Hope it's good then next time can get some more from there.

Last but not least, we "borong-ed" some Pomelos. Bought 12 of them.

At first Mamarazzi wanted to recommend this stall to you as the lady there was very friendly.

However, Mamarazzi found that the quality of the pomelos given were not that good. Most of it looks very ugly and not suitable to give to friends.

Among the 12, she found that the lady had given her a rotten pomelo(Sound familiar about the 12 thingy). Mamarazzi didn't check at the stall coz at that time she was worn out already.

Funny. The next day, Mamarazzi found one more rotten pomelo. But the night before when she unpack, she was sure there is only one which is rotten. Papa said maybe it was bitten by some insect or what and it became rotten overnight.

Anyone have any idea?


  1. lighting shopping but also a very fruitful shopping!! that let us see how efficient mamarazzi is, hahaha.. oh, that "heong peng" is RM7?? that day i bought from pasar malam was RM6 only..

  2. wow all that for cny ya? rugilah mamarazzi buah tu boleh plak rosak in one night only... he he e luckily one only yang rosar.

  3. The Tau Sar Peah wrapping is so cute...

  4. Does it affect the flesh also or just the skin?

  5. much things bought in just a short while..

  6. You have to eat the heong peah while it is fresh eventhough it was individual pack...
    After 1~2 weeks .. it just not so crispy n fresh...

  7. Not bad o.. lighting shopping also can grab so many things! :)

  8. Your snacks look so fun! Except for the pomelos!

  9. Aiyorrrrr!!!! Why all rotten ones? Lousy lah! Better buy the ones from Sibu - the honey ones - very very nice!

  10. Is always like that. I go to the shop and buy fresh fruits only to return and find them rotten. I just don't know if there is a special air in the stores..

  11. Must check carefully when buy fruit,very easy got those rotten 1 >.<

  12. Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken Shop! yes that's my must stop by and packed the car boot with it. awesome yumminess. this places has grown so much from my first time when i was a college student.

    but i still enjoy getting out of the car to see them in action:D

  13. my home town, Tenom also produce pamelos. In my mom's kebun we got 1 pamelo tree where my family get sick of it LOL....

    miss those nice heong peah... =(

  14. SK

    bought from pasar pagi here , different brand only rm4.50 leh...But the yee hup one very fresh la

  15. Mell-o

    No la...not for CNY..It's buah tangan for friends

  16. Sharon

    In the old days they wrapped it like that

  17. Ling

    The 1st one only skin. The 2nd one, even the flesh is rotten. Inside fatt moe

  18. Wenn

    If stay overnight sure lagi cham

  19. Simple Person

    ya true..Thats why preferred the Yee Hup one. Coz it's always fresh as turnover is very fast.

  20. STP

    Got ah? Expensive or not? Later 1 big is like rm20 ..cannot afford to eat leh...

  21. May

    I wonder what is the trick...hmmm

  22. I always have lighning shopping, especially grocery. No time to look through other things but get what in the list! It is a good way to stop impulse buying and save money. heheh!

  23. OOO!!! I'm excited when I see CNY decoooo & preparation!!


  24. Wah u bought 5 packs of the salted chicken, taste still good for u or not?

  25. Goodness, this is a food galore, I mean tapau almost everything from Ipoh. I enjoy the floss mostly and where's the pic of the salted chicken? Ipoh is so famous for this and my friends too don't miss this when the are here.

  26. Haha CNY shopping mood already in gear but sorry for that pomelo rosak

    Have a happy shopping for CNY with family :)

  27. Can jangkit very fast one.. esp. moulded already.. since it was so dark, sure mama couldnt see very well.. next time dont buy.. go back straight from the Jusco highway there! hahaha...

  28. I am a new follower from Katherine's Corner. You have a very intetesting blog! Stop by & follow me, too. Growing Old With Grace
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  29. Yahoo ! Chinese New Year Feeling for ur Lighting Shoping!


  30. never try on the salted chicken, must taste really good since mamarazi can borong up to 5 packs...hehe.. bout the pomelo, izzit maybe we put in the car, it cannot stand the 'heatiness'? so when we bought that time is fresh, but once got into the car, 'kuk' inside there for few hrs, thus makes it rotten?

  31. Rose

    ya sometimes just dont have the time to browse

  32. Claire the stall brightly lit that place very modern jor. Even got nice toilet kekeke

  33. Baby Sumo

    as hand letters ma. Taste good ah.

  34. Nava

    No pic of tha salted chic as it had gone into our tummy LOL

  35. MRC

    CNY shopping all kau tim long time ago. This round just a makan trip

  36. Grace

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see more of you

  37. Wendy

    LOL we shop for makan and hand letters. Not for CNY

  38. Wyson

    ya the salted Chicken are good. About the Pomelo , dont hink so coz it's like got 1 hole that is "melted" in.

    We brought pomelo home before and it was day time hot . The pomelos were ok. This round we bought at night and came home night time. So dont think its kuk tho lor.

  39. pomelo from ipoh is bad? i always think that it's the best place ever to get pomelo during any special occasion lol

    Latest: CNY Buffet; Eat ALL You Can!

  40. Fish

    am not saying ALL pomelo from Ipoh are bad. It's just our bad luck to get the two bad pomelo out of the 12.

  41. Mamarazzi is really sai lei... can buy so much at lightning speed!


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