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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Restaurant, Kelana Jaya

Guess, by tomorrow I'll be passing Bentong. I wonder if Papa will stop Bentong to have Chicken Rice there or not. But most probably being Chinese New Year Eve, the shop won't be open at all.

Anyway, we had real nice Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Restaurant in Kelana Jaya not long ago.

I ate till I was truly stuffed.

Mamarazzi love the free flow of soup there. Each day it will be different kind of soup. Really delicious. Just like home cooked.

 The famous Steamed Chicken.

 Mmm...super yummy.

 Additional dish. Roast Pork and BBQ Pork. RM12.

Fat fat taugeh. Mamarazzi likes this a lot.

Here is the address No 33, Jalan SS4D/2, People's Park, 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor.
Closed on one Tuesday a month.


  1. the tauge... doesn't look very fat
    still prefer the ipoh tauge ayam..

  2. So tomorrow is traveling day, yeah! Happy Driving and Happy Eating along the way...

  3. got nice and famous chicken rice at bentong meh?? but this one at kelana jaya sounds familiar to me leh.. i wonder if i've been there, hahahaha.. looks good leh the siew yuk~~

  4. The BBQ pork looks good! Gong xi fatt chai!

  5. Eyewwwww....chicken feet!

  6. Nice with all that you tasted. I have a high liking for these type of food and the pics are making me hungry now.

  7. The fried pork looked super nice (^^)

    Happy Chinese New Year (^^)
    hv a great Dragon Year!

  8. SP

    Now Ipoh Taugeh also slim down liao :(

  9. Cindy

    Thanks The same to you and your family

  10. Xjion

    The skin was real crunchy...yummmm..
    Gone Hei Fatt Choi to you too


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