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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Kajang Hot & Spicy Soup at Bandar Puteri Puchong

On Sunday, we went out "gai-gai".

Am totally exhausted. Didn't sleep whole day. By dinner time all I wanna do is sleep. Golek-golek here and there also cannot get comfortable. Wanna cry liao.

At first Papa and Mamarazzi thought just simply have our dinner at A Wet Thai, Puchong. We waited for quite some time but no parking space available.

In the end Papa recalled "Kajang Hot Soup" just a few blocks away. They have been meaning to try out this restaurant for a few times but unfortunately, always came on the day the restaurant was closed. Thank goodness, it was Sunday and the restaurant was opened.

Their Hot and Spicy Soup. It's a mix soup of chicken meat, pork, pig stomach and pig intestine. Soup made of ginger and Pepper corn.

On the first taste, Papa said it's watery.  But on the 2nd spoon, Papa said it's "SPICY". Can see beans of sweat coming out liao.

Mamarazzi said it taste great. If having flu, must go and have this soup. Sure will unblock the nose very fast.

I was still grumpy when the food arrived. But then Mamarazzi asked me if I want "100 Plus" drink. I said yes. My favourite.

Got my "100 Plus" drink, am revitalised liao. Boss!! More ice please. Service very fast. Out food came zooming like a rocket.

Their special something something Herbal something Emperor Chicken. Taste superlicious to Mamarazzi. Not enough with a plate of this! She even asked for "tapau" one more plate to go home and enjoy.

My favourite "green noodles". These were cooked perfectly. Not too soft nor too hard.

Surprise was waiting for me when I went to pay. I always asked money from Papa and Mamarazzi so that I can "pay" for the food.

Our bill was more than RM33. It seems that the restaurant is having a promotion. Any bill that is above RM33, they will give one free mug...while stock last.

If not mistaken, there were 7 or 8 designs for the mug. Each design are designated for one clan. Malaysian Chinese have many clans like Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teo Chew, Hainanese, Fook Chow and etc.

How did we end up with two mugs instead of 1? Mamarazzi bought lor. One states "Wa Si Hock Kien Lan" and the other states "Ngai Heh Hak Kah Yin".

Here is the address if you wish to try out their food and also grab the mugs. Restaurant Sup Pedas Kajang, 16-G Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel :03-8063 7239. GPS : 3.021836,101.615793


  1. waahhh...makan still can get free mugs. so nice.

    like the emperor chicken. well marinated and cook.

  2. oh, hot & spicy soup, one of my fav too..should have go to Semenyih to try this out, its the BEST! oh, mamarazi bought that 2 mug meaning sk campuran of hokkien lang & hakka nyin?? kekeke

  3. Free mugs!!! Lol reminds me of chillies xD

    Love the pictures!!! This is a really nice post xD

  4. wahh..not bad.. that means got 10 percent discount. cheap food! i want.. wa si teo chiew nang! hahaha..

  5. Puchong... So far and always jammed. No,thank you.

  6. Jobless

    Yes, they have several design

  7. Punk Chopsticks

    Thanks ya i love the mugs too

  8. Claire

    Ya lo and the food was good

  9. STP

    No that jam la if not peak hours. Anyway, every place in KL is like that lo.

  10. Goodness, another round of the type of food I will enjoy, esp the soup with all the spare parts. I have a high weakness for these.

  11. Ooh I tried this restaurant before but not the soup, tried their steam fish I stead. Not bad too! Btw got mug for teo chew Lang or not :p

  12. haha, green noodles?? are those french beans?? those are my favorite too, just it with belacan and dried shrimps, so nice!! eih, the mugs are so cute, somemore free with RM33 above, that's very worth it lor~~

  13. We like hot and spicy soup, we had it at Siaw Kah at Sungai Chua Kajang. Last few days, we went to section 17 for dinner, actually nearby that Nanking Vegetarian restaurant, same row, got another branch of Siaw Kah, so now no need to travel so far lo.

    Need to go for another round. Yum. Soup look clear, but you drink few soup, you can feel the "hot"!!

  14. Nava

    Then you should go and have a try. We went again today

  15. Lenglui Witch for teo chew lang

  16. SK

    ya lo very worth it. We went there again and makan. It was above RM66...Mamarazzi bodek for two mugs and the lady boss gave us kekekeke

  17. Annie

    Yes, We have been to the Section 17 one. Not bad also.

  18. i like the mug. So special.

  19. Choi Yen

    ya...purposely gone back there again yesterday to get two more

  20. Every time we go to our regular "latt thong" restaurant (in Kj), we'll order the spicy soup n "fa tiew theen kai" (frogs). Yummz!


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