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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ipoh or Genting Highland?

Yesterday we woke up late. Hmmm...nearly 11a.m. baru bangun. 

Had a lite breakfast at home, Papa asked...wanna go Ipoh or Genting Highland.

Mamarazzi said Ipoh. More food to eat *Evil Laugh*  whereas if Genting Highland she will semput from chasing me around.

On the way Mamarazzi message Auntie Claire say wanna "serang" her house. 

Wah lau eh....Auntie Claire so efficient leh...We arrived her house, I can smell something nice liao. D.U.R.I.A.N. 

Labbie also tak mau kalah. Labbie greeted me with a towel in his mouth. Maybe wanna ask me fast fast wipe hand and eat durian gua? Clever Labbie!

Auntie Claire also very clever leh. Apart from Durian, she bought Coconut water too. Yum...very cooling. Just nice for a hot day.

(Photo stolen from

The durian? Of course la GOOD!

Aisey...manyak paiseh...Eat already still wanna take ...kekeke...My 1st "angpau" of the year, given by Auntie Claire.

Thank you very much Auntie Claire for everything. Nice nice makan there...for more yummy post, check out Auntie Claire blog at

*yawn* goodnite...time to oi oi liao


  1. What is durian?

    Happy New Year!

  2. walllauu... so late still wanna put up post!! so what time did u reach home? midnight? U lagi best.. brought so many books for me.. can last me many months liow.. and thanks for the free dinner.. u very fast cashier la.. loves going out with u.. hahahaa...

  3. Auntie Claire sounds wonderful. I think I'd like to adopt her as my own aunt. :)

  4. wah... durian!!!! Yum yum....

  5. I want ang pao also...

  6. fuyoh, i also went to Ipoh yesterday!! but evening after coming down from Cameron lah~~

  7. Of course Ipoh la. Genting spend money only and food is not that great too. *drooling looking at the durian*

  8. oh so it's only a day trip to ipoh for food? good idea :) claire is such a good hostess :)

  9. So fast already received ang pow? I am not a durian person but sure one or two pieces will do. Btw, your son getting ready for school tomorrow?

  10. What a sweet auntie every kid will really love to have..Happy new year and i hope you are having a great week..

  11. Wah got durian to eat? That is a good reason to go visit Claire lah. Oh another good reason also, go karaoke!!! Hehe

  12. Courtney

    Durian is the King of Fruits. For some people it smell great but I think for most western side , the durian stinks

  13. Janae

    do :) she is very friendly lady.

  14. Chee Yee

    Cleff say go serang Claire on CNY

  15. Yee Ling

    dont. Go visit Claire sure get durian

  16. Mommy to Chumsy

    ya day trip lo...


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