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Saturday, 14 January 2012

How Do You Skin A Pomelo?

As said in earlier, we bought many pomelo. Nah...Mamarazzi didn't buy big ones as it was not for praying. Bought pomelo for eating only.

During Chinese New Year or special festival, pomelo is usually one of the offering on the altar. If not mistaken, the significant of that is the name of the pomelo itself. In Cantonese, it's called "Lok Yau" which sound similar to "abundance" in the same language.

Well, how do you skin a pomelo?  Some would skin it just like peeling an Orange. Just like what happen at the Lion Dance the other day.

Mamarazzi skinned it differently as taught by her Papa last time. First, cut a thin line across the Pomelo like this.

Then just pull it apart like this.

  Tada! One skinned Pomelo.

 Why do this?

Coz if you can't finish eating the Pomelo, you can just "cap" it back. It will keep the Pomelo moist and cool. Can even put it in the fridge just like this.  No need to waste clinging wrap.

After finishing the fruit, I can even use it as a Cap. 

Actually there is a Chinese taboo against putting it on the head like this. If superstitious folks sees this sure will be scolded. 

What taboo is that? Well, the saying "wearing a green cap/hat" in Chinese means that a man is Cuckold. He has an unfaithful wife. That is not good. But Mamarazzi thinks main reason is that the "Cap" will make the hair dirty lah.

Since I don't have any hair...hentam aje la...hmmm...trying to put two hats on my botak-head...oppsss...fall down...


  1. oh..thanks for showing. i never knew how to skin a pomelo eventhough i come from the land of pomeloes :P the little one looks cute with the pomelo hat :)

  2. No leh...I do not skin a pomelo like that. Cut strips from top to bottom (like peeling banana skin) and tear open (the way you do)...and then use the skin as an army hat...

  3. I just laugh at picture of wearing the pomelo as cap LOL

  4. hmm maybe it is good to put on the head where we can take away "bad things" Normally we use the pamelo leaves to clean ourself if there is a bad incident happen.

  5. SK looks adorable with the pamelo hat :D

  6. Thanks for showing how to skin a pamelo in a different way. Usually mak isah skin just like the way suituapui said.

    Will try it your way next time :)

    He he that is a cute cap!

  7. Hey that's a good idea. My mom usually keep the extra pomelos in the fridge.

  8. hahaha :D I saw small kucing with that cap and the facial reaction is super cute!! And my dad was looking at it justnow, and he said : "Cari Pasal!" hahah :D

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  9. Mommy to Chumsy

    all sorts of way ..but we biasa like this

  10. STP

    Hahaha next time have to make that army hat liao..still got 1 pomelo left yet to open

  11. Simple Person

    Modern short cut way :P

  12. Puan Isah

    LOL..I bet there are some other ways too

  13. Che Cheh

    Mamarazzi did that too. Just sumbat the whole thing into the fridge

  14. Meitzeu

    Hmm...sound like your dad is the conservative type lo

  15. Thats something new I learned today on how to skin off a pomelo, normally I just koyak koyak everywhere.

  16. Nava

    LOL..This is Mamarazzi's lazy way mah. No need o wash energy to go and store the pomelo elsewhere. Just use back the skin..hahaha

  17. Oh tat's really interesting...thanks for sharing. Usually I keep it in the fridge oni.

  18. Hehehe, this is easy way to cut pamelo and look cute too to wear as hat.

  19. Small Kucing wearing that cap is so cute... hehe...

  20. Not enough of strength to pull, so I cut into star

  21. Angeline

    hahaha sometimes lazy to walk to the fridge :P

  22. Ling

    LOL...any shape la as long as can makan hahaha

  23. I think all kids like to wear this "luk mou"... dun care what the superstitious old folks say lah hehe :p


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