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Friday, 20 January 2012

Honkee Porridge at Damansara Uptown.

Being sick, reminds me of porridge. When I was a baby, I ate a lot of porridge. Now am scared of porridge already.

In November, I was not well but we had to go out to do something. Hence Mamarazzi didn't have time to cook porridge for me.

That was how we end up at Honkee Porridge Restaurant at Damansara Uptown. a large variety of porridge.

 Papa and I like to have porridge with this "Yau Char Gwai" direct translation from Cantonese is "Oil Fried Ghost" . Fried Curlers.
 Nice to eat when dip into the porridge. Mamarazzi shared a bowl of Shredded Chicken Meat porridge with me.

While Papa had Claypot Kung Poh Frog Porridge with dried chili Porridge.

 To cool down my body, I had coconut water. Mamarazzi had the Jasmine Tea with Ice. Cooling.

Mamarazzi also had their ABC soup. Says the soup tasted so-so only. Guess, they have different way of cooking this soup as compared to what Mamarazzi used to have.

Overall, it was comfy dining here as compared to the stall at Petaling Street. Maybe the cozy and comfortable environment makes the porridge here taste nicer than when she had at their Main stall at Petaling Street.

Here is the address should you wish to pay this restaurant a visit:-
No 71, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 08.084" E101 37.258'


  1. haven't been to this one at uptown.. always buy from the old shop in petaling street.. tried the one in lot 10, omg, manned by the foreign workers and so badly done~~

  2. Well .... Sick also has premier food. So happy

  3. I love porridge...but frog!!! Eyewwww!!!! No, thank you...

  4. I'd love to try a porridge restaurant! Wish they had one by me. :) I'd go with the Shredded chicken too.

  5. Love the fried intestines porridge here :)

  6. Oh this is a nice place and we used to buy food from here when Ashley's kindy was nearby :)

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  7. Hi Small Kucing, Gong Xi Gong Xi

  8. I love the porridge at Honkee too, had it at their DU and Bdr Puteri outlets, unfortunately my old man and the little boy don't like porridge as much as I do.

  9. I did try the Honkee at Taipan and ye to porridge as a once a while treat. Looks like a wonderful food venture you had with all that ordered.

    Just in case we are not in touch for the next couple of days, Happy Chinese New Year to you and everyone at home, esp to the little one.

  10. I love Honkee Porridge! In short, I love porridge!


  11. I enjoy eating porridge too when I'm ill. R u grooming your son to be a child model?? Nice to feature him here. Happy CNY, dear!

  12. This one sounds very familiar... i dont mind having porridge anytime..

  13. wah.. i love their fish porridge.. nice one..

  14. The last pic is ABC soup?? It look like herbal soup.. Anywhere wishyou and your family Gong He Fat Cai!

  15. love the porridge here! i wished they have a branch closer to my home though.

  16. Happy CNY to you and your family mamarazzi :)

  17. SK

    Mamarazzi had once the Petaling St ones. She didnt like it

  18. Janae

    Shredded chicken ones are nice.

  19. Mommy to Chumsy are frequent there la

  20. Inspired Mom1x far we try out Petaling Street one and this one only

  21. Meitzeu

    Once in awhile eat okay la...

  22. Blackswan la...Mamarazzi face ugly mah cannot put on blog so put my face lo

  23. Claire

    of course familiar. its low chi hou

  24. Nikel

    Is it? next time will try that

  25. Ms bur kit

    I think they are expanding. Maybe soon will have branch near your home there


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