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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hair Coloring Made Easy With Liese

The first time Mamarazzi got to know about this Bubble Hair Color is from Mummy Gwen. Then, she saw it again at Angel Bear's blog. 

The most recent was this brand being mentioned by Mell-O.

It seems so easy to use.

Well, Mamarazzi saw Caring Pharmacy was having Year End Sale. Saw this Bubble Hair color are one of the item on sale. Hence she bought it.

There were 3 items in the box. Namely, the gloves, hair color, developer solution and conditioner.

The instruction are simple. Wear the glove to protect the hands. Add the hair color into the Solution bottle and swirl the bottle a few time to mix the color. 

Don't have to shake the bottle like what she had to do with the previous hair colour that she used.

 Squeeze the bottle and foam will come out.

 Apply the foam to the hair. In this case, my "tail" also become "white mice".

 Tada! Nutty Mamarazzi with foam all over her hair. Photo snapped by me.

 Set the "timer" and in my case "the alarm clock" for 30 mins.

 Hmmm....but hor...Mamarazzi's hair "lembu" a bit. 

Have  to wait 40 minutes instead to check the color.

 Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

 Me first!

After 30minutes.Yay! Color turn out good.

 For Mamarazzi...hmm...still not long enough. Have to wait for an hour when the color finally "went in".

Hmm...not bad. In fact it it was quite good. The color turn out to be even and managed to color those hard to reach places like back of the neck and ear.

However oh....don't know why oh...her "uban"(grey hair) still refused to be "colored". It's still visible.

Don't care la.."uban" also "uban" lah. Maybe can treat those grey hair as "highlights" lah.

Anyway, Mamarazzi said she will stick to bubble hair color from hereon. It's  much easier to least for her la.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post nor did we receive any free product from this particular brand of hair color.


  1. I tried it once before, although the ammonia contains inside is bad and I could smell it during the process, it's still the cheapest method to dye our hair. haha :D

  2. HOLY SMOKE! Young feller getting a hair tint? Ha ha.
    Yours not bad, looks real nice.....
    like orang puteh or Hispanic lady from behind.
    Very nice. Yes, keep long look good.
    Have fun, Lee.

  3. We do sell this brand but I dare not try it..

  4. Auntie Cleff just discovered that this Liese is not meant to cover uban wan... on the instruction got write. =D So kalau wanna tutup uban, cannot use the Liese cuz the colour wun masuk.

    Neway, glad that u and mamarazzi finally boria wif auntie la... ahahahaha... liddat wun so lonely.

  5. Your mama old liao - grey hair must dry, is it? Dye hong sek, hong sek for Chinese New Year...

  6. I only DIY once, that time ask my aunty to do for me, lol

  7. OOhh nice nice! Heard of this brand before but didn't dare to try yet. Dunno if it will make the hair dry? But I love the colour of your tail! :P

  8. Not bad...result turned out to be a good one!!

  9. the tail looks like small "wong fei hung"

  10. quite a good result wor, but my hair very thick, 1 box sure not enough :(

  11. Cute photos! I used a similar foam to dye my hair. Sadly, my gray hair didn't turn into highlights either. Though my hair looks much better!

  12. Nice color! Nice hair for both :-)

  13. Yeah, I like Liese for their easy hair coloring..and I also just found out it does not cover the grays lah.

    The color looks nice on Mamarazzi and Small kucing's tail. :)

  14. i saw this on advertisements in the cinema, just shampoo and you got the color you want.. but then CNY woh, why not RED?? :D

  15. nice shade wor...if u saw one of my latest post..that's how my kepala looks like under the light hehehehe

  16. I am lucky to have a sister who is own a salon, so she kou tim for my all hair issue , hehehe. Ya , I am not sure if you replaced other veggie with celery , the taste will be nice or not . But celery taste and fish Maw are perfectly match.

  17. I think you did a great job with the hair color on your hair. I used to try coloring my hair like this before though not the same brand but its always disaster, patches and not even. From there on, its the hair salon and yes, the cost is more but I feel more satisfied.

  18. Wah, turned into a blond pretty lady liao!

  19. Wahseh... smallkucing's "tail" also get makeover for CNY. Nice colour!

  20. I pun baru dyed my hair... Monday.. anything must do before CNY.. hahaha...

  21. wow.... he he hows the dye on mamarazzi hair turn out??? :P

  22. Meitzeu

    smells bad meh? This one not as bad as some others la

  23. Lee

    Old lady already. Gotta hide the grey :p

  24. Aunyie Cleff

    Nah...Fren told Mamarazzi that if wanna hide uban will have to use dark color

  25. SHaron

    This one is easy. Can do by yourself. Just shampooo it in

  26. Lenglui Witch

    after dye hair, must use a lot of conditioner lo

  27. Yee Ling\

    yes...happy with the result

  28. Choi Yen

    Then buy 2 box as a back up lo

  29. Janae

    Foam type is much easier than the other type

  30. Mummy Gwen

    ya lo...haiz...all the uban comes out hahahaha

  31. AB

    WIll stick to this brand ... they have a lot of nice color too

  32. Sonia

    oo like that ah...hmmm.. thanks for the tip.

    wah you are so lucky have a sister who ca do the hair for you


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