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Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Goes To Galilee/Manhattan Fish Market, Subang Parade

Yay!...finally makan-ing at "Manhattan Fish Market. Heard so many people praise this place. Sure gonna eat lotsa fish. Maybe more than Jesus disciples had when Jesus came to them as told in Enid Blyton's "The Children Life of Christ Book".

There was another time where Jesus appeared to his disciples unexpectedly. Peter, John and several other was in a boat when the saw a man on the shore. The man asked them if they have anything to eat there and they told him no.

Hence the old man told them to cast their net to the right side of the boat. Indeed, the discovered a whole load of fishes there.

I bet it's a lot more than the platter here which Papa and Mamarazzi ordered. We were surprised by the large size.

I think the disciples were surprised to by their haul coz it was strange. John took a look at the man and recognised that the man is Jesus. He told Peter. Peter immediately jump into the water and swam to shore.

There he found Jesus had a fire burning and fishes cooking. With the fishes that the disciples caught. They ate together.

However, Peter can't forget that he had denied Jesus 3 times and wondering if Jesus would still trust him. Knowing this, Jesus pulled Peter aside and addressed him

Jesus called Peter by his former name, Simon. Jesus asked him if Simon love him. Simon says yes, Jesus then instructed him to feed his lambs. Meaning that Simon is to help those who does not know much about God.

Once again Jesus asked him if Simon love him. Simon says yes, Jesus then instructed him to feed his sheep. Meaning that Simon is to help those people who knew a little bit more than the "lambs"

Jesus asked Simon the third time if he love him. Simon says yes, Jesus then instructed him to feed his sheep. Peter a.k.a Simon had denied Jesus three time and now Peter had answered three times that he loves Jesus. Jesus trusted him again and know that he will be like a rock for his church. Peter will hep and guide the lambs and sheep. Everyone are happy again.

Papa had also ordered this "noodle" and he asked me if I wanna eat. I answered yes.

But unlike Peter who know that his journey to spread the words of God would be a tough one, I didn't know the "noodle" is spicy.

Caught a mouthful of "fire". *suck suck suck*

Lucky Mamarazzi had ordered this cooling and refreshing Lemon with mint ice blended drink.

It certainly cooled the fire in my mouth.

Since I like "noodle" so much and didn't want to eat the rice in the big platter, Papa proceed to ordered another plate of non-spicy "noodle" for me.

Mmm....yum yum..

I nibble a bit on the platter of fish fillet, squid and prawn. Hmm...not bad.  No wonder so many people says it's good.


  1. Does are my favorite dishes.
    Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. Manhattan! Love it! Haven't been for ages... Love the seafood platter! Yummmm!!!!

  3. oh, mamarazzi was at subang parade yesterday?? i was there there too!! tak nampak pun?? haha~~ :p

  4. I love their dory fish fillet with herbs. The platter is too huge for us, we love the grill prawn ;-)


  5. Seafood platter is always a fav....
    Is it kids eats free at Manhattan?

  6. Have not been there for quite some time.

  7. Long time din eat these edi. Their platter serving is vy big. However, hubby prefers Fish & Co over MFM.

  8. For the few times I have been to Manhattan, the food was acceptable but I will not jump up and down about it.

  9. Too bad we different place, if not we can go makan makan together, hehe...

  10. SK

    no la not there la . It was a few weeks ago

  11. Dora that next time must try it out

  12. Simple Person.

    Kids eats for free? Uiks...I was not informed wor

  13. Slavemom

    Hmm havent been to Fish & Co yet

  14. Nava

    This was our first time there


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