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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Comes To His Disciples/Dreams Came True For Us

5..4..3..2..1..Happy New Year!!! May this year brings you good health and best of luck.

It was really unexpected to have my dream come true on the last day of the year.

A million "THANK YOU" to Auntie Little Bird for the lovely Aeroplane.

I saw Kor Kor playing the other day and I told Auntie Little Bird that I want one too.

Unexpectedly she bought one for me just now.

Mamarazzi also got her wish...Curry Chicken. Thank you thank you

This week, Mamarazzi told me a great bedtime story from The Children's Life of Christ book by Enid Blyton.

 Titled "Jesus Comes to His Disciples".

 Well, the news about Jesus body no longer in the cave spread like fire. That evening, two of his disciples were walking back from Jerusalem to their village of Emmaus. They were discussing about the happening of past few days and about the disappearence of Jesus body.

As they walked, a stranger joined them. They couldn't see his face clearly as it was twilight. The stranger asked them what were they talking about and they told him. They revealed to him the sadness of their hearts and wondered why Jesus suffers so.

Then the stranger start to tell them things. Talked about the Bible and from what he had said, the two disciples started to see many things clearly.

They approached their home and they invited the stranger into their house to have a meal with them. As Jesus had done many times before, he took the bread and blessed it. He broke it and gave some to them. It was then that they realised that it was Jesus that was sitting with them. Jesus then vanished in front of their eyes.

The two of the rushed back to Jerusalem and told the rest what had happen. Among them was Thomas who didn't really believe what had happen and said he would only believe it of he saw it himself and the mark of the nails on Jesus hands.

It was a week after that which Jesus came again. This round, Jesus saw Thomas and showed him the marks. With that Thomas knew without a doubt that it was Jesus. Jesus spoke "Because you have seen me, you have believed; but blessed are those who do not see and yet believe!".

Once again...Goodnight and sweet dreams.


  1. U like the plane kah? Kakakak... good la... got new year pressie to play with, but cannot nottie ya, else auntie dowan buy for u anymore. Must guai guai, listen to what mamarazzi say. =D

  2. Thanks alot for your new year wishes.

    To you and your family too, Happy New Year and have a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Nice plane, I'm happy my kids got something like this too this season.. Happy new year to you and i wish you all the best this new year..amen..

  4. Happy New a good boy or no pressies next year.

  5. it's 2012 already! have an awesome start to the new year!

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  6. Happy New Year to you Small Kucing and Mamarazzi! :)

    Kasian I see Small Kucing's wound on his face.

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  7. happy 2012 to you and family :) may god bless you with lots of love and luck!

    Latest: Happy Hakka 2012!

  8. Yes, auntie cleffairy is right. No guai guai, next year no present from Santa also! Hey you, next time you see Quay Po Auntie, you must give her a BIG BEAR HUG, Santa is her good friend, you know?

  9. Cleff, you made their day!! When are you making mine? :p
    Hope to see you all in February!

  10. happy new year mamarazzi!! hope your 2012 will bring you even more joy and happiness.. and not to forget, more books and more nice food~~ :p

  11. Nice to see your son with the aeroplane and that chicken curry looks very tempting too.

  12. Your auntie Little Bird very sayang you, eh :)

    Happy new year to everyone in Mamarazzi's happy family! May you all be blessed with love, happiness, good health and more good food in 2012 ;)

  13. Now that Small Kucing is bigger by one year, must be good boy yeah. Happy New Year 2012 to Mamarazzi, Paparazzi, Small Kucing and family!

  14. Fish

    Thanks with you visiting sure "lian Lian yoh yui de"

  15. QPC

    opsss...dont give bad report cards to Santa ya


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