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Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Children's Life of Christ-The End of The Story / The End of Rabbit Year

Today we came to the end of the story for The Children Life of Christ by ENid Blyton.Mamarazzi started telling story from this book back in January 2011.

A year had passed. Time flies. Just like time fly for Jesus. He remained on earth for forty days visiting his friends and disciples. Cheering them up as he knows they missed him a lot. He told them that they must spread the good news to everyone and help those who are weak. It is now for them to teach people of the things that Jesus had taught them. These were the very first Christian.

Then comes a time where nobody saw Jesus anymore. Nevertheless, it was not a case of out of sight, out of mind. They know that Jesus is with them in their heart and mind and that He is looking out for them in Heaven.

And Enid Byton ended the story with the commendment that he kept all the days of his ife "LOVE ONE ANOTHER". A very easy sentence to say and to write but it is very hard to keep especially when faced with treachery and evilness all around.

Anyway, today is the end of another thing. End of Rabbit year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Tonight, most family that are celebrating Chinese New Year will gather around and have Reunion Dinner.

Tomorrow will be the first day of Chinese New Year and thus begin the year of the Dragon.


  1. so mamarazzi is going back to the hometown to have reunion dinner and celebrate CNY with family?? so nice lor, got "kampong" to go back, i only stay in KL~~ :D

  2. Have a safe and enjoyable trip home. Qong Xi Fa Cai...

  3. happy new year little cat! :D

  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you, mummy & daddy ...and all the love ones :)
    Wishing you abundance of joy and blessings throughout the year ...
    Have a great Reunion Dinner! and collect more ang pau ..

  5. Have a great and wonderful New Year and will catch up when you on blogging again.

  6. Iriene

    Thank you very much and the same to you and your family


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