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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Baci Italian Cafe at Citta Mall.

Hmm.. flu flu not nice one. Can't eat Ice Cream.

I missed the Ice Cream from Baci.

Papa brought me to Citta Mall and bought me a large bowl of Ice Cream the other time.

I still remember. It was Vanilla Ice Cream. 

My favourite.

 Mamarazzi had Cappuccino.

Papa had Ice Blended something. After I finished my Ice-Cream, I walloped, Papa's drink.

Hmm...just wait la. When I am well again, I will surely ask Papa to bring me to Baci again. It's located at Lot G47, Ground Floor, Citta Mall, No 1 Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya. 


  1. did you know baci means kiss in italian? :)

  2. hvn't heard of that name looks good.

  3. I want the ice cream too...

  4. after recover from flu, first thing to do is to go to Baci for some ice cream!! hehe~~ :p

  5. Citta Mall? first time I heard of it... anyway, I am a "ah Lian" in KL city.. hope to go there during the 2nd week of CNY!

  6. Looks tempting. I do prefer Vanilla ice cream more.


  7. why u always can eat/drink cold? I can't let Sam eat any cold food, her lung very weak >.< Cough for 1 year liao, cannot recover thoroughly :..(

  8. Eh, just yum-cha only, no makan? Anyway the food there very small portion... not recommended if you are very hungry!

  9. A few evenings we went to have dinner in Sungei Buloh and pass by this Citta Mall. Next time must go check out this Baci cafe. I LOVE vanilla ice cream.

  10. Mana ini Citta Mall, in Chittagong
    India kah?

  11. been to citta mall so many times but never try this place before . maybe soon i hope :)

  12. I have not heard about Baci before and thats information for me. I am not so sure on how true it can be because some of friends have mentioned that Ice-cream is suppose to be good to bring down fever. Again this is hear say only.

  13. I can't even remember when last i took some ice. This really looks good.

  14. Nice to spend quality time with family. I enjoy reading your posts on food & family :) Can never resist ice-cream. Don't put me together with your son or his share will become mine. Hahaha!

  15. nylusmilk

    is it...muhahaha...i just received free voucher for Baci pizza.

  16. STP

    come come parking

  17. Meitzeu

    come join the Vanilla gang

  18. Choi Yen

    aiyo cough for 1 year? Try Chinese med or not?

    Papa said my lung strong coz Mamarazzi had a lot of bird nest during pregnancy wor. Says bird nest helps build up the lung

  19. Chloe

    Ya yum cha only coz just had heavy lunch

  20. QPC

    The mall is still very new leh. Not many shops there

  21. Sasha

    if you go McD there you will probably see me playing there

  22. Nava that I have to ask Mamarazzi to stock up Ice Cream lo kekekeke

  23. Blackswan

    Maybe he will eat your share LOL


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