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Friday, 6 January 2012

Aroma Kueh Nyonya at Restaurant Kwai Sun, SS15 Subang Jaya

Mamarazzi can't forget the great taste of these Kueh Nyonya since she had some at the Subang Jaya Book Exchange. She asked the lady-in-charged, Ms Fay, where did she get the Kueh. The lady told her it's in SS15.

Mamarazzi was real excited last week went she saw this stall at Restaurant Kwai Sun at SS15 selling very similar looking kuehs. Maybe Ms Fay got it from here?

There were a vast varieties of Kueh.

She bought some. These are her favourite and mine too. I love Angkoo ever since I was in Mamarazzi's tummy. In fact, Papa and Mamarazzi joked that I refused to come out earlier coz wanna eat one more day of Angkoo. Before pregnant with me, she don't like much of angkoo.

The ones from this stall taste just nice for me and Mamarazzi. It's not too sweet and the one with the Pandan(Green) Skin have very nice Pandan aroma.

This is Kueh Seri Muka. I love it. Yummy...the glutinous rice is salty and the Green custard is sweet. The two taste blends well together.

Found out this is called Kueh Seri Manja. Papa loves these. wonder so manja.

Pulut Tai Tai is basically Glutinous rice cake and is to be eaten with Kaya(Coconut Jam). Mamarazzi said that people in the old days used a type of blue flower called "Bunga Telang" to make the Kueh have blue color. But nowadays most people would use food colouring.

Saw the stall selling these Pineapple Tarts. RM22 a container of 24 pieces. A bit expensive but it tasted very good or at least it suits Mamarazzi's taste lah.

The "inti"(Pineapple jam) is just rough enough for Mamarazzi to chew on. She doesn't like those finely blend pineapple.

According to the Boss, his daughter used honey instead of sugar to make the jam. No wonder taste nice lah!

As Mamarazzi was leaving, she spotted a tray of Kuih Bakul. The lady said it's fresh. They made it just two days ago. Mamarazzi touched and she can feel the Kuih  Bakul or Cantonese say "Lin Koh", is still very soft.

Usually it's a must have for Chinese New Year. Great to be eaten shredded coconut when it's still soft or if your wish, you can deep fry it with eggs and flour.

I can't wait to dig into all those Nyonya Kuehs. Naughty Mamarazzi ate two Angkoo in the car. Then Papa walloped the Seri Muka. Hmm...I also tak mau kalah...I finished the balance la.

Hmmm...shall I?

Yes! I shall. Me become Mickey Mouse liao.

Mamarazzi said have to get some more Kuih Bakul lor...coz this one kena tikus gigit(bitten by mouse)

As Mamarazzi was writing this post, she stumbled upon a blog post about this stall. Here is the link in case you are interested to read more. From that blog she got to know that the kueh are made by Aroma Nyonya Kueh at OUG Industrial Park.

After reading the blog, we went to the stall again the next day armed with camera.

Main purpose is to get some more "Kuih Bakul" as Papa's and Mamarazzi's friends are also interested to buy some too.

Then she asked permission from the Boss to snap some photos.

The Boss was very obliging. In fact, he even gone to the trouble of rearranging some of the Kuih for a "better" view.

Paiseh...Mamarazzi really not good at snapping photos lah.

Anyway, the Boss is also selling Chinese New Year goodies at the moment.

He managed to persude Mamarazzi to get a container of these Peanut cookies. RM20. Taste good. Not full of sugar.

Here is his contact number and his daughter's contact number in case you are interested to get some.

This round, Mamarazzi also try out other types of kuih .

The famous Kuih Lapis. MMm....she remembers that this kuih used to be very colourful when she was a kid. SHe would peel off layer by layer to eat.

Kuih Seri Muka. Top is made of Pumpkin and bottom is Glutious Rice.

Hmmm another hybrid? Got Yam in it.

Here is the address of the Kueh stall in case you are interested Aroma Kueh Nyonya, Restaurant Kwai Sun, Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya, Selangor.


  1. I miss those nice nyonya I am craving for angkoo!!!! =(

  2. Kuih Bakul = Ling Koh? haha... Almost all the kuih is from nyonya recipe one.. unless is western pastry .. hehe

  3. This is my first time of seeing Kuih Lapis. They look really colorful, and something that willl taste really good. Will search for the recipe.. Hope i find it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cham liao... auntie drooling, later must keluar beli!

  5. The kuehs look good...I see a happy face with the colorful food!

  6. These kuehs look very nice... something refine.. feel like taking a piece now... :)

  7. mammarazzi...wanna learn how to make angkoo or not - I saw the mould near Petaling Street - should have bought! similar mould to mooncake

  8. Woit, you borong all the kueh at the stall kah?

    Eat Ang Koo....become like kura-kura....come out also slowly lah...ha ha ha!

  9. oooo me loooooooveeeee seri muka!

  10. the kuih seri muka is yummy!

  11. Nikel Khor you are not alone. Very paiseh have been eating Ling Koh all my life but didn't know it is Kuih Bakul, veli the malu-ing haha..~;).

  12. i see my fave peanut cookie :D! i love the way it melts once i pop it into my mouth.

    Latest: Lou Sang in Cantonese Style

  13. Thumb up....very nice kuih. Love the angkoo!!

  14. See your pictures makes me craving for it now... hehe...

  15. Wah, nyonya kuih galore! I love these kuihs but cannot eat a lot or often cos very jelak.

  16. AB

    Muahahahaha purposely tease you

  17. May

    Good luck. Tedious to make but nice to eat

  18. Auntie Cleff

    aiks..u also kena ah? wanna tease lain orang...pelanduk pulak kena jerat

  19. Claire

    the angkoo is especially good

  20. LG

    malas...make can only eat 3-4 pieces only

  21. Pete

    Not yet. still got a lot of variety belum try

  22. Medie

    LOL if got go this place can try lo

  23. Chloe

    True. That's why Mamarazzi never attempt to make. Make liao nobody eat

  24. wow...that's lots of nyonya kuih.


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