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Friday, 27 January 2012

1st Day of Water Dragon Year

Super lazy. Woke up early in the morning. Took my shower. As usual, Papa brought us to the Temple to see my ancestors on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Then we went "gai-gai" . Wah...heard very loud drum sound. We stopped.

Just in the nick of time to see Lion Dance. Two lions and their "keeper". Quite lively but as good as the ones at SS2 Mall.

After that I wanted to go to the "Pantai"(beach) but Papa said it's too hot. Said he'll bring us to the "Pantai" in the evening.

Papa asked me what I wanted to do at the Pantai and I replied that I wanted to blow bubble at the Pantai. The Pantai is to dangerous for swimming but I saw some people still ignored the warning. Some even brought Surf Board with them.

But when we reach the beach, I played with the sand instead of the Bubble.

Mamarazzi bought A&W meal and I had a great time getting Papa to feed me while I played sand. is a shell wor...AUntie Little Bird loves seashell. Too bad this one is not unique.. It's just a plain shell.

Naughty Papa. He pushed me and I fell on my fanny.

Yay! found a "spade".

Can build my sand castle liao!

I did managed to blow some bubbles at the beach.

After that Papa brought me to the A&W and I got a treat.

Yummy ..Banana Boat Ice Cream!...

Next post will be of yummy food....better eat first before dropping by next round!


  1. so happening on the 1st day huh?? i just stayed at home and have my 2 rounds of afternoon naps!! hahahaha..

  2. Children are the most happiest group when come to CNY, eat eat eat, ang pow ang pow ang pow!

  3. So romantic on the first day? Strolling long the beach... good job, Joshua.. u go play sand castles.. mama and papa romancing along the pantai... :)

  4. Oooo....banana split! Yummmm!!! Hey! Why no CNY food leh?

  5. Thats nice to see your little one having a good time and the banana split would have made him happy.
    Btw, which pantai is this, I can't seem to find the mention in your post.

  6. I love your son's outfit in the first couple of photos. He looks adorable!

    And that banana split looks so good!

  7. @STP... mebbe CNy food will come later when they are in KL.

  8. so cute!! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. wow, great! Love the red clothes! You and your family will have a great Dragon year^^

  10. Oh man, I want some of that banana split!! Happy Friday!

  11. Your son outfit is nice...

    I want the banana boat ice cream...

  12. strange to go to the beach on the 1st day. waiting to see your visits & ang-pows.

  13. SK

    So nice ah can nap...Here 1st day pretty noisy leh

  14. Claire

    can kau lui at the beach mah

  15. STP

    Every blog also CNY food. Here at least different a bit lo

  16. Nava

    It's Pantai Batu Burok. Cant swim one

  17. Janae

    Mamarazzi tried to get me wear Chinese tradisional clothes for CNY.

  18. Auntie Cleff

    Every day CNY food also jelak

  19. Xjion

    thanks the same to you and your loved ones

  20. Christine

    come over fast! Before it melts

  21. Doc

    Not strange since the "kampung" is at the seasidde.


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