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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Journey, The Sights and The Shopping

After the "heavy " breakfast, my eyes also "heavy.  "Read" a bit of Lao Fu Tze comic, then the comic start reading me pulak.

By the way, don't worry. Am wearing my seat belt..the lower part.

Papa brought us "gai-gai" at Marang coz Mamarazzi remembered that Auntie Little Bird asked her to help to buy some "Salted Fish.

Hmmm....couldn't find any. But there sure a lot of fishermen there doing their stuffs.

In the end, we just stopped at one of the stalls along the main road to get some Salted Fish. Hmm...not bad. Not that pricey also.

Got some of the Keropok Keping too.It's basically Fish Crackers. After fried, it will taste good.

Next stop was Rantau Abang. Mamarazzi wanted to get Batik Cloth for a friend. This humble hut have been here for decades.

At the side of the hut is the "workshop" where they paint the Batik cloth by hand.

Hand painted cotton batik cloth will be less than RM100 a piece but if you were to get hand painted Silk Batik Cloth it would cost more than RM200. Very seldom to be able to find hand painted Silk Batik for RM200 and less.

It's interesting to see how they paint the cloth.

 Next to the humble hut, is a larger shop by different owner. Saw banner stating that Wau making class are offered here. Wau is a type of traditional Kite. There are many types of Wau. The widely know are Wau Bulan . It's the Kite that I was holding

*Snuggle*snuggle* Keeping quiet* Mamarazzi bought me a small Wau Bulan made of cloth. Ya, I know this Wau can't fly but it look nice as decoration.

I  was very "clever" oh. I "bargained" with the owner. At first the Kakak(Sister) said RM20. Then she revised to RM15. I asked Mamarazzi for money and she said she got no money. If I wanted, I have to use my angpau money. The shop keeper saw my pitiful face and he told the Kakak to sell it to me at RM13. Hmmm.....

Next stop was to get some of the super sweet Ciku (Manilkara zapota, commonly known as the sapodilla).

Hmmm....this round the size of the Ciku sold were kinda small. Previously, Mamarazzi could get 3 piles which consist of 5 to 6 Ciku a pile for RM5. However, this round the Vendors insisted RM2 a pile and the Ciku were not that nice.

Those big and nice ones were being sold per kilogramme instead. RM6 a kilo. Guess, they know that it's tourist season.

Saw the same stall also selling some durian. RM5 a fruit. Mamarazzi didn't buy thinking that down the road towards Kijal there will be more Durians and cheaper.

 Eventually we stopped at one of the road side stalls at Kijal. 

Gosh! It's more expensive here! These two going for RM25! Aiyo...super regret didn't buy at the earlier stall.

Papa was clever. He managed to bargain down the price to RM42 for 6 durians.

We went to Kor Ko Jon's house to have Durian Feast!

Before the durian feast , we had Nasi Biryani Feast pulak. Sorry, no photos as Kor Kor Jon's relatives were there. Shy shy to snap photos.

 Mmm...yummy creamy Durian Kijal! We managed to walloped 3 durians only before we were stuffed to the brim. At the 3 opened durians were very good. The taste were strong and a lot of pulp.

While waiting for the food and "fruit" to digest, I had a great time playing bubbles with Baby Isaac. There were 3 very cute doggies too.

Wish I can stay longer but the journey is going to be long and heavy traffic expected.

Thank you very much to Kor Kor Jon's daddy, mummy and baby Isaac for the great food and time. Thank you very much too for the BIG BIG angpau . Hehehehehe

Monday, 30 January 2012

Warong Norazila, Kuala Ibai, Kuala Trengganu

Good Morning! Say "Cheese!"

 Say "Cheese!"

 Come...let me scratch your ears.

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we started the journey early. Stopped at Kuala Ibai to have breakfast at Warong Norazila. 

It's located at Persimpangan Masjid Tg. Tengah Tengku Zaharah right where the junction going to the Famous Floating Mosque is.

We saw quite a lot of people comes to this Restaurant.

 Papa ordered "Nasi Minyak"(Directly translated as Oily Rice) for all of us. It comes with some Acar(pickled cucumber, onion, carrots and chili)

 As for the meat, Papa had, Chicken meat while Mamarazzi had beef. Both said tasted good. Mamarazzi said this Nasi Minyak is as good as Nasi Minyak John. Yummm..

Not enough with the Nasi Minyak, Papa got himself some Nasi Dagang(Directly translated as Trading Rice). 

It's normal rice mixed with glutious rice cooked with coconut milk and some spices. It's eaten with Fish Curry which is cooked in Malay style.

Hmm...still not enough...Papa got himself a plate of Nasi Lemak. It's rice cooked with coconut milk. Tasted pretty good with generous amount of Fish Sambal. 

Have you fainted yet? No? Coz after that, Papa ordered some Roti Jala. Roti is known as Bread while Jala is known as Net. Bread Net?? Weird name ya?

Well, maybe coz itself looks a bit like net.Papa loves this.

I fell in love with the Teh Tarik(Pulled Tea). This one supposed to be Papa's but I drank it all.

 Then Papa noticed something behind me. It's a banner.

 I bet most Malaysian know what is Roti Kahwin.

 But have you heard of Roti Tampar? Would have love to try out the Roti Tampar but too bad the stall was not open when we were there. Hmm...maybe next time.

Well, if you are ever in Kuala Trengganu and would like to try out some of the local Malay breakfast, do stop by Warong Nurazila at at Persimpangan Masjid Tg. Tengah Tengku Zaharah. The place was quite clean when we were there and the service was fast.

Not sure whether the bills is correct or not coz total comes up to RM16 only.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Warong Katana, Jalan Kuala Hiliran, Kuala Trengganu

Papa and Mamarazzi saw a show about this stall in the television not long ago. This round, we decided to try it out.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I played Jake and The Pirates.

 The drinks came very fast. Carrot milk.

Orange juice.

Papa ordered RM3 of keropok lekor. 

Super yummy.... Very crunchy.

Mamarazzi's favourite. Ikan Bakar(Grilled Fish). The Sambal sauce taste very good according to her.

Wanted to order Sup Ekor but they ran out of that. We had Sup Tulang instead. Love the spices in the soup.

Stir fried Kailan with Salted Fish. Taste ordinary.

Telur Bistik. It's a type of fried egg with sweet and spicy sauce. Papa loved this very much.

Since the other are spicy, Papa ordered some non-spicy eggs for me.

Sotong Goreng Tepung(Fried Squid). Papa said it's a bit salty but Mamarazzi said it's tasted just fine with rice. Yummmm..sure someone would be drooling over this.

Especially for those who need a bit of extra spiciness.

Overall, this has been a very good meal. Total bill comes to RM53 only. Service was fast and friendly although there were a lot of customers at that time. Would certainly recommend this shop for those who likes this type of food.

Friday, 27 January 2012

1st Day of Water Dragon Year

Super lazy. Woke up early in the morning. Took my shower. As usual, Papa brought us to the Temple to see my ancestors on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Then we went "gai-gai" . Wah...heard very loud drum sound. We stopped.

Just in the nick of time to see Lion Dance. Two lions and their "keeper". Quite lively but as good as the ones at SS2 Mall.

After that I wanted to go to the "Pantai"(beach) but Papa said it's too hot. Said he'll bring us to the "Pantai" in the evening.

Papa asked me what I wanted to do at the Pantai and I replied that I wanted to blow bubble at the Pantai. The Pantai is to dangerous for swimming but I saw some people still ignored the warning. Some even brought Surf Board with them.

But when we reach the beach, I played with the sand instead of the Bubble.

Mamarazzi bought A&W meal and I had a great time getting Papa to feed me while I played sand. is a shell wor...AUntie Little Bird loves seashell. Too bad this one is not unique.. It's just a plain shell.

Naughty Papa. He pushed me and I fell on my fanny.

Yay! found a "spade".

Can build my sand castle liao!

I did managed to blow some bubbles at the beach.

After that Papa brought me to the A&W and I got a treat.

Yummy ..Banana Boat Ice Cream!...

Next post will be of yummy food....better eat first before dropping by next round!

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