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Monday, 26 December 2011

Year 2011 Round Up - September to December

This is the final 4 months of the year end round up.


For the past 4 months or so, Mamarazzi had gone book crazy again and dragged me all over the town chasing after books sale

Some one told Mamarazzi about this new remainder book store called Book Tree. There we went hunting for books for cheap books again.

Managed to get my prize from Tiger Beer. Yay! Mamarazzi can make more "Steamed Beer Chicken"

Was also dragged by Mamarazzi to MPH Warehouse sale. But even then, she was saving her "bullets". Waiting for the Big Bad Wolf Sale.

Our first time attending the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme.

Mamarazzi's first time making the ugliest Pau in the world with me being the guinea pig.


Finally! The long awaited EVENT. The highlight of the year for Mamarazzi...and for me too coz I got lotsa goodies from the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale.

Haiz...not enough with going 3 trips to the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale. 

Papa brought me to a Floating Book Fair. It was a pretty good experience for me.

With so many books, I gets bored sometimes though Mamarazzi doesn't. 

Lucky for me, a blogger reader sent me this lovely Mr Mouse

Had a nasty shock too when the gmail and blog were nearly hijacked.

Papa brought us back to hometown to visit Ah Kong and Ah Mah in October too.

Some more experiement on "pau"


We "makan-ed"(ate) a lot the whole month. Well, nothing new right? Cause if you are a frequent visitor here, you will know we will go "cari makan"(Looking for food) everywhere.

An exciting month for me because we went for a trip to Malacca. 

It was an exciting trip for me. We visited the Zoo and various location. Of course not neglecting to sample the delectable food there.

Then Papa brought me to see Air Craft Exhibition at Subang Airport

Mamarazzi went "MAD" again at the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale.


Much better month for me. We went hunting for shoes. I grew a lot these two months.
Lazy Mamarazzi finally changed the template and header for this blog on 9th of December after much of Uncle Lee's effort. He has been so kind as to e-mail us some really nice Cats photos for header.

It's also the month to put up the Christmas Tree.

Really paiseh...some readers went through all the trouble of sending me gifts to put under my trees pulak. Thank you very much to Juan Or's Mommy, Mommy Ling, Auntie Little Bird, Uncle STP and Santa.

Attended my "first" Christmas Party of the year.

Then Mamarazzi got "bitten" by the "frying bugs" and turned into "Frying Momster"

Had a great Christmas Eve Dinner with some friends.

Can't wait for Boxing day. On Christmas morning, I opened the gifts.

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Kathy has

completed her goal of reading 180 books in 2011!


Yesterday, Mamarazzi went book hunting again. This round it's at Bookxcess. Yup...they were having Christmas and New Year promotion. And this means a new stacks of books for Mamarazzi and me.

Well, looking back ... Mamarazzi indeed bought a lot of books but then she can sure devour them like nobody's business. Just check out her Mama Kucing Books and Mama Kucing Meow blogs and you will see just how much she can "telan".

This year alone, she managed to complete her 2011 Reading Challenge of 180 books, tracked through Hmmm...maybe next year should aim higher? 200 books?

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. Interesting and fruitful year of Mamarazzi and Small Kuching! :)

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  2. 180 books in a year? Wow, that's really a lot!! And oh I didn't know there's a aircraft exhibition at Subang Airport :O

  3. Feliz Navidad Small Kucing, have a splendid Meowy X'mas.

  4. Wah!!! So many posts... My round-up, all-in-one on New Year's Day. Not much happening in my life, I guess. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. So much happening that took place for these months and by now I can imagine the collection of books you have.

    Thanks for the greetings but sad to say, I am sick so is my hubby and its so stressful taking care of man when they are sick, worse then babies.

  6. wow.. you really made effort to round up the year!! OK, i might do that.. later on! hey sorry for not dropping by.. we nearly lost our way earlier this afternoon.. went the wrong turning, got to Cheras and took a guessing turn back to highway.. kind of worried when we got lost... i think it is safer for u to come to ipoh than i go kl.. hahhaa...

  7. oooo we went to Logos when its dockd in Singapore! hahaha

  8. interesting life! Hv a great year ahead!

  9. oh, so that's the Tiger Beer contest giveaway from Choi Yen?? urgggh, i just missed that.. what a nice ice box that is!!

  10. Great, so much really happened in your side this year..180 books is really much, you really tried...

  11. GOSH! 189 books! How did you manage that?

  12. Adeihhh... Logos Hope. Last time auntie oso went and makan at their casfe. Their ham and cheese sandwich very nice wan. ADOI. Rinduuuuuuu serinduuuu rindunyaaaaa~

  13. OMG! U r fantastic la...180 books!!! Ithink this year, i haven't read a single book...haha!!!Do cookery books count??? Paiseh! Looks like u had a busy year this year..nice recap!

  14. Hilda

    180 not much should go and see auntie Cleff one. That one not human

  15. STP

    chop chop into 3 post mah...cramp all in one post later ppl pening ...Mamarazzi very cheong hei one mah

  16. Nava

    Agrees!!! Big babies!! hahaha...Hope all of you are better by now

  17. Claire

    hahahaha see la bila got time then go ipoh la but not so soon

  18. Medie

    hope you managed to grab some things

  19. SK

    ya lo...but the box quality not that good.

  20. SK

    ya lo...but the box quality not that good.

  21. May

    WHat to do...Mamarazzi loves to read

  22. A mom Diary

    a book a day with weekend off?

  23. Auntie Cleff

    then you apply to work there la...can get free world tour triop

  24. I really like your blog header. Your boy and the kucing say it all.

  25. Caca

    Thanks . It was a lucky shot :)


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