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Monday, 12 December 2011

Year 2011 Round Up - January to April.

Can't believe it. It's already December.

Mamarazzi blog hopped to several blogs at the other side of the globe and found that they have started to do Year End Round Review.

At first Mamarazzi don't feel like doing but she was inspired by Grumpy Grateful Mom with her delightful post titled Backwards Dancing Hermits. Its so funny. It's a good idea too to do re-cap for 3 months each post instead of the whole year in one post.

Well, here is our round up. But Mamarazzi is doing January to April 2011 instead coz she missed out last week. There will be one Year End Round Up post every Monday for the next two weeks.


Mamarazzi starts her "Frying Mania". Turned into a Frying Banshee. Woke up early in the morning "Goreng ! Goreng! Goreng!" till night time.

 Goreng what? Goreng "Chinese Arrowhead Chips". Preparing for Chinese New Year.

These were her "successful" chips.

 These were her "Failures". Lotus Roots Chips and Sweet Potatoes Chips.

I was turned into Princess Josephine by the evil Witch Mamarazzi.

 Yes, it's Chinese New Year month. Our Balik Kampung journey was smooth.

 But we got stuck in a terrible traffic jam on our way home.

 A lot of makan the whole month through.

 Papa got Mamarazzi and me Valentine gifts.

 Had a small Birthday celebration.

 It's Papa and mine Birthdays celebrated together. Papa was born on 22nd while I was born on 23rd.

Ah Mah had mentioned that it would have been great if I were to share the same birth date with Papa but I like it this way. This way, we can have two Cakes.


Was a rather quiet month after the hectic January and February manic days.

 I got "musical" when Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence presented me with this.

And this.

And this.

And tried my hands on entrepreneurship.


Many "first" for me in April.

First time received FREE movie tickets from NUFFNANG.'s for Mamarazzi's birthday but it's my blog, right?
My first time watching a movie on a BIG BIG Television

First time singing "Happy Birthday" to Mamarazzi.

My first on attending Book Signing Function. It;s Book Signing by Ms Shamini Flint. Mamarazzi loves her books.

Not my first time going to the Funfair but my first time playing Bumper Cars. Yay! It's fun!

Stay tune for May to August round up next Monday!


  1. i love the goreng goreng stuff :P would you fry more on coming jan for CNY?


  2. a good year.. so you're going to do a few more posts from april to december? Looking forward to it! :)

  3. Good idea Mama... can I follow suit too? :)

  4. I love the eight picture so much! So adorable with the roses and chocolates :D

  5. yalor, and it's somemore almost half of december gone.. or shall i say, still have half of december left, hehe.. see?? mamarazzi already doing a review of the year~~ :)

  6. Aww love the pic of SK and papa with birthday cake! They look so SEBIJI! :D

  7. Nice flash backs of what went on from Jan to April, dressing your son like a princess??? maybe its time to have a princess and another addition to the family next year, the year of the dragon and many of my friends are planning on getting pregnant for a dragon baby. Btw, I am also a dragon.

  8. Nice round up for 2011. :) Mamarazzi is an expert in frying the arrowhead.

  9. Time passed really fast!!! Hmm, sound interesting post, to do a year round up post! :) Look forward to read the rest. It looks good and fruitful for you. More to come next year, mamarazzi

  10. Wow.. you very clever to fry arrowhead, I tried but not so successful, so ended up buy from pasar malam.

    Love your round up post - very interesting.

    Btw like the blog page header picture, very nice!

  11. handsome princess he he he comel!!

  12. I know I'm missing a lot. My computer broke down since 4 days now. Visiting wit my phone. A friend is doing the publishing for me. I can't access fully with my phone. Hopefully b4 friday it will be fixed. I just can't wait to. Hope you have a great week.

  13. Wonderful recap! I'm so glad you wrote one!

    I enjoyed reading some of your old posts. I love that you turned into a frying banshee. And my kids would have loved those bumper cars. You all always do such fun things.

    Your little man is always adorable!

  14. Ah miss those frying arrowhead..... Next year still fry or not? :)

  15. Wah! Revision time... Got exam or not? LOL!!!

  16. It is about one month ++ to go for CNY 2012. Have you started frying your "Chinese Arrowhead Chips"

  17. Oh, it's that time of the year again. I do this annual summary for Chloe too.

    It's almost time for you to start your goreng2 engine now. Saw berlambak-lambak arrowhead at Tesco today ;)

  18. SK

    Sikit sikit lo...if do one whole load manyak susah oh

  19. Lenglui Witch

    of course ler...anak bapak mah

  20. Mummy Gwen

    and me expert makan arrowhead chips

  21. Iriene

    Thanks. Buying from Pasar malam very expensive wor ...each time i makan will finish half tong one...Papa pulak will finish 1 whole tong

  22. May

    Gosh...that is not good. Hope your computer "recover" soon:)

  23. Janae

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  24. Chee Yee

    Next year will fry gua but small scale lo...malas jor

  25. Mummy Moon

    Mamarazzi kedekut one...she waiting for the arrowhead price come down 1st still mahal la at rm4 plus

  26. Chloe

    Melambak but the price still high leh

  27. Small Kucing, got drum set and guitars, when are you going to have your concert? Aunty Quay Po will be the first to by the ticket. hehe Nice 1st Qtr round up. Looking forward to the round ups for the rest of of 2011.


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