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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Word World With Ayamas Alphabets Nuggets

Lately am crazy about Nuggets. Can't get enough of it. Hence, Mamarazzi went nugget hunting at one of the hypermarket nearby. Found this Ayamas Power Nuggets. She bought a packet.

When she fried some for me the other day, I immedietely exclaimed "Wah! Word World. Let's built a word". 

Word World is one of the show that I frequently watched in the Television.

Too bad, I can't build much word out of them coz I ate most of the alphabets. I give them Double Thumbs Up.

Disclaimer  : This is not a paid product review and we were not given the product in return for a review.


  1. Eyewwww....junk food!

  2. I have not come across Alphabets Nuggets yet...

  3. hahaha, of course you can't build any words lah, you eat them too fast! hehe

  4. oh, new product izzit from Ayamas? nvr seen before wor... but why lately so into nuggets?? not good for you lah, SK..once a while still ok geh..

  5. Gosh.. eat once awhile OK, Joshua..

  6. I am a once a while nuggets person as it must be eaten immediately after frying, if not the taste runs off.

  7. wahh! New alpha nuggets ah? i rmb last time KFC used to sell it, but now no more liao! wee! thanks for sharing,im gonna buy it and try! ^^

  8. Makan... makan more... goreng stuff are good for u! LOL! Tell ur mamarazzi to goreng more for u to makan.

  9. Kim

    But ate too fast to built much words

  10. Sharon

    Hope your side will have soon

  11. Choi Yen

    you know Mamarazzi's goreng skill la..Pte Ltd one :P

  12. Wyson

    not sure wor...Mamarazzi found it in TEsco Mutiara Damansara. Funny betul coz go Ayamas SHop at Subang Jaya the guy didnt know about it at all

  13. Claire

    yes maam :)

    once everyday is it :p kekeke....

  14. Nava

    ya....must eat once it cooled a bit . If left too long the not nice already

  15. Eunicee

    You try Tesco Mutiara Damansara. Mamarazzi found it there


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