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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Waterfish at Pasar Malam and Sharkfin Soup at Restaurant SF Seafood, Sg Buloh

Earlier post, Mamarazzi mentioned something about spotting a dish that she wish to try out at this restaurant. 

Well, a few days later we did go to this restaurant again. 

The story was like this...we went to Pasar Malam. Mamarazzi saw a Fish Monger and she wanted to buy " Red Dates Fish"(Direct translation from Cantonese). 

Hence Mamarazzi asked "How much is Red Dates Fish?". Fish Monger replied "RM18". Okay...that was fine. 

Mamarazzi then proceed to choose the fish that she wanted. Then The Fish Monger slapped the fish onto the weighing scales and said RM18. And he proceed to clean the fish.

Mamarazzi was blurred for a moment there..."what?? that tiny fish RM18?? "...Haiz rupa-rupa when Mamarazzi asked the price, she assumed it's per kilogramme but  when the Fish Monger replied it was per kati. Aiyoyo.....1 kati is 600gm. Laaa....still got people use KATI punya meh....

That was how she become "Water Fish". Next time must ask properly whether it's KATI or KILOGRAMME.

After that it started to rain very hard. Mamarazzi no mood to cook. Hence decided to go makan at Restaurant SF Seafood. 

Brought along the fish and asked them to steam it for us. Papa laugh. Bikin malu aje la bring the tiny fish to the shop. 

Well, at least we get to eat it "fresh" and Steamed correctly at the restaurant. 

Ordered some Sweet Potatoes Leaves.

This is the DISH that Mamarazzi wanted to try out. "Choong Zhai ChI"(Mini Pot Sharkfin - RM8-80).

Taste very good. Generous amount of Crab Meat. As for the "sharkfin" ...hmm...not sure about that coz Papa was wondering why the the end of some of the sharkfin is not sharp. Worth the try.


  1. due to the extinction of sharks, the bear say no to shark fins...uhuhuhu... =p

  2. good morning mamarazzi.. how are you..?

    btw the shark fin soup looks tempting :D

  3. Frankly, I don't know 1 kati equivalent to ?... ^_^ Eh, Smallkucing becomes botak head, so cute :-)


  4. Me no friend you if eat shark fin ar... fake one ok..

  5. Hhaahha...olden folks prefer to use Kati one.

  6. Looks like you really like this restaurant :) Fishes are expensive nowadays. I bought 3 garoupa ( small ones - from Pantai Remis ) costs me RM28 :( No nid to feel malu...I do that sometimes ..just WB and myself :)

  7. Thought you went to Sg Buloh to buy waterfish but ended up, the hunter being the hunted. How come they still use kati one? Quite misleading leh.

  8. Very small meh? Looks quite ok from the picture.. :P How much does the restaurant charge for steaming outside fish ah?

  9. SAVE THE SHARKS!!! Sabah already banned... I hope Sarawak will follow suit soonest. Tasteless - depends on soup - with or without the fins, the same also.

  10. You actually took the fish to the shop and they cooked for all of you??? Wow, thats great of the shop and I am not sure how many will do that.

    I sure like how the fish was prepared, steaming all the more is so healthy and looks really nice.

  11. The all look very fresh. I'm a big fan of green vegetables. But I'm not so sure if i can be able to eat the Mini Pot Sharkfin.

  12. I can't differentiate real and fake sharkfin also :s

  13. Hoong choe fish, is it? yeah.. very expensive i think.. normally a big one will cost around 10-15rm .. big one.. i mean.. hahaha.. never mind.. water fish once awhile we all are!

  14. Shark Fin soup is nice to eat, but in fact it was tasteless with only itself. Once, reader forwarded to me a recipe to substitute shark fin soup to non shark fin ala chicken soup. :)

    Say no to shark fin! :)


  15. I will say "no" to sharkfin :P

  16. Angel Bear

    entah betul ke tidak ni

  17. Little Lamb

    Me duno real or fake. Masuk perut liao

  18. Yee Ling

    The fish monger not old wor...

  19. Elin

    Coz the service fast and food not bad lor. Aiyo...really terkejut at the price of that fish

  20. Bananaz

    Fish bought in PJ one but makan in Sg Buloh...kek sim at the fish

  21. Lenglui witch

    small..the restaurant timbun a lot of liu on top so it looks big la. Cheap...around RM6 or RM8...forgot liao

  22. Nava

    Yes and the shop only charge for the ingredient and work. Around rm6 or rm8 like that

  23. Claire

    this one small one leh ...sobs

  24. Sharon

    The Hong cjoe Fish taste good


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