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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sport Shoes Year End Sale at Section 27, Shah Alam (6-18 December 2011)

Are we there yet? It has been very long time since Mamarazzi went crazy warehouse sale chasing. Usually it's books but this round it's different. 

My "Bigfoot" have been growing very fast and am running out of shoes to wear. 

Hence, Mamarazzi pestered Papa to drive us to the Sport Shoes Sale which she saw in ShoppingnSales website. The brands offered were Adidas, Admiral, Axel , Puma, New Balance and Zeita.

(sorry for the poor quality of photo as Mamarazzi snapped using her handset)

Apart from shoes, they have other products too like tumbler, clothing, watches, school bags, bags, socks, badminton racket and etc. 

Mamarazzi noticed that the clothing were not that cheap. Anyway, her main purpose is to get a pair or two of shoes for me.

By the end of the hour,  she got a WHOLE BASKET of shoes and sandals for me and Papa!!! 

In the car I asked Papa, so many shoes how to wear?

But Mamarazzi can't help herself coz the shoes were dirt cheap. New Balance Brand shoes were RM5 a pair. Then Admiral brand were RM25 for adults. 

Kids shoes lagi best....RM10 a pair only!!! 

The most expensive shoes there was Adidas. RM120 a pair. But it's considered cheap coz if buy from the store it would surely be more than this price.

 My Axel sandals at RM10 a pair.
 Four pairs of various sized shoes for me at RM10 a pair. Why all similar colours ah? Coz when Mamarazzi asked me which one I liked, I kept pointing to the brown and blue. Not keen on others.

 Mamarazzi's shoes at RM15 a pair.

The rests are Papa's and his friends shoes at RM25 a pair.

It certainly worth the trip. It's nice going there on the first day coz there are many choice and sizes to choose from. 

Here is the address should you be interested in getting some shoes for yourselves Lot 20 Jalan Pendamar 27/90, Section 27, Shah Alam. Tel number from ShoppingnSales website is 03-5191 1998.

Better go fast before they run out of choices and size.

 And my "achievement" for the day is that I managed to build a "bungalow" in between my eyes.

Dah la pain-pain...kena Papa and Mamarazzi scolded pulak for putting my eyes in my bum bum instead of my face.


  1. I think this is somewhere near my place as I stay at Section 32 but have not heard of this particular area.

    Seems like worth the buy esp for the Adidas. I am now in Bangkok so impossible to go here for I am coming back only on Friday.

  2. You made a Good choice, i like them. I find it very difficult getting shoes for myself, just because i wear size 41..
    It can be frustrating.

  3. Aiyor...only two feet, buy so many shoes kah?

  4. Poor Joshua.. got bungalow there on the face.. but never mind, so many canggih shoes to wear.. one for christmas, one for cny, one for dating.. oopppss..
    this mama has no "hand brake" one when it comes to cheap sales!

  5. But of course they are super cheap la.. my son just bought a pair of Nike in Sg..cost $59! :p Should have asked him to go to this place to buy... hahaha..

  6. cheap & quite good design, wanna get for Sam but will be out of town this weekend, sure all the nice one will finish after this weekend :(

  7. the sneakers!! which reminds me the beruang need new sneakers...more $$ to throw =(

  8. ohh...this is the warehouse u serbu la.

  9. Wah, RM15 for the ladies' running shoes really worth it (: my fave colour somemore. Aww, what happened to small kucing?

  10. Nava

    aww....ya by Friday dont think there are much choice left unless they add in more stock from the warehouse

  11. May

    Ya I know how frustrating it is....found shoes to your liking but they dont have your size are very disappointing

  12. STP

    Feet grow very fast buy bigger and bigger size lor

  13. Claire....

    wah so many occassion ah...cham.....lucky you were not there ealse dont know how many pairs you borong

  14. Choi Yen

    Maybe you can call them up to ask if they replenish the stock or not

  15. Angel Bear

    see you have saved some money already :p

  16. Very good buy! Ngam lor, Christmas and CNY coming soon :)

  17. OH, so cheap, very good buy!!! But shah alam too far lei.

  18. so many new sport shoes and good bargain price!

  19. Ow shucks! I missed this! Didn't even know of this. Must ask Mamarazzi to buzz me when she comes across any WHS.

  20. A Mom's Diary

    Join hey will email u if there is any warehouse sale


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