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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Shange Dim Sum Home Food, Seri Petaling

Early October a friend treated us for dinner at Shange Dim Sum Home Food, in Seri Petaling. 

The restaurant was very new. So new that they didn't even have time to take out the price tag from the bowl that the waiter brought to our table.(LOL)

Papa and Mamarazzi had their special Pandan Lemongrass Tea. Very refreshing. 

I had Ice Blended Ribena.

There were some confusion on the drinks and food that we ordered coz the staffs there were pretty new and that time they were preparing for the dinner crowd. But then it's expected for new shop. Bet they would improve in due course.

Papa ordered Fried Carrot Cake WITHOUT cili. The waiter said ok ok but in the end comes out with Cili. However, they did change it for us.

Portion of food was just nice for small eater.

Had some Steamed Pork Rib while waiting for our order to come.

We had their Steamboat. The ingredient is ordered ala carte. Something like Johnny's Steamboat.

These were some of the things we ordered.

Cute bird/chicken/swan. After a "swim" in the Steamboat pot, it grew to be very BIG.

Some mushrooms and vegetables

Oh ya...we had crabs too but some how the crab photos gone missing from the camera.

Ordering the ingredient ala carte was a bit pricey in Mamarazzi's opinion.

However, it was worth it coz the Steamboat soup here was really good. It was very sweet. Guess everyone knows that a good soup based is very important for Steamboat.

Here is the address if your should wish to try out their good Steamboat Soup. No 91, Jalan Radin Bagus, Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-90581322.


  1. what made of the Cute bird/chicken/swan? first time seeing this serve for steamboat, sound interesting!

  2. How pricey was it in this new shop? Long time i didnt go into Johnny steamboat..

  3. Ehh Shange not dim sum place ar? I passed by this place many times but didn't try coz not sure if it's good... thought wanna read your experience with the dim sum! hehe :)

  4. wow mamarazzi the food look great ha ha ada duck can swim some more le..

    By the way thanks mamarazzi for the LIKE at kitty page :D

  5. Steamboat? I thought you went for dim sum?

  6. All the dishes looks yummy.But i think they should learn their work perfect, new or not is not an excuse..

  7. I have not had steam boat for a long time. Would love to check out this place. Curious about the birdy!

  8. Dare not dine in ala carte steamboat, don't know eat how much only can full & normally very expensive just like what u said >.<

  9. Sonia

    Not sure of what but inside was a prawn and wings were crabfilament.

  10. Claire

    For Mamarazzi is pricey la coz she is cheapskate mah :p

  11. Lenglui witch

    got dimsum and steamboat too

  12. Mell-o

    LOL...Kitty cute la...start a blog for kitty ler

  13. STP

    LOL.....very misleading title hor...but that is the restaurant name mah

  14. May

    Let them gain experience . Usually there will be hiccup here and there but since the soup was good, Mamarazzi was ok with it

  15. Veron

    hahaha...but parking might be a problem. Quite hard to find parking here

  16. Choi Yen

    ya....those comes in package should be better

  17. Price tag still in the bowl? Like that also can LOL!! That shows, they never wash the bowls...

  18. wah.. Steamboat! Well, after the changed their name, i not yet visit them.. Hope there will be somthing different!

  19. Nikel

    The restaurant in Seri Petaling change owner very fast :(


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