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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pressie and Gifts. many people to thank. Where shall I begin? Guess best it's to begin from the beginning.

The gifts and presents started more than a week ago.

Many thanks to Auntie Annie for inviting us to meet up with STP and thank you to Mommy Ling for "tumpang-ing" us there.

 Thank you for the goodies bag, Annie

and for ordering these delicious meat kompiah

 Mamarazzi had it with Kopi-O

While I like it crunchy

 Aiyo..paiseh betul for the generous STP carried this all the way from Sibu as "hand letter" to us.

Hmm...I wonder...Can I finish this bag of rice ka?

Not only that..also received a Greeting card and a T-Shirt from him too via pos. Thank you! Thank you!

A small mountain of "pressie" to be open. Which one 1st?

This one with the cute snowman first la.


A super hero jigsaw puzzle!

I wonder what is inside the BIG box from Santa.

*blink blink* got a pouch for me wor. Inside got chocolates!

Got a little doggy for me. Aiks..Santa also enclosed pressie for Papa and Mamarazzi wor. Hmmm...aren't they "over age" liao meh?

Got kru kru sound geh...what is it ah?

EEEee...Mega Bloks wor.

This big big one is Papa's.

Alamak...Papa lazy to open ah...ask me to open pulak.

Found this packet of Muruku under the Christmas Tree. Hmmm...I open Muruku to makan first la...opening pressie is hard work you know...have to replenish my energy with some Muruku first.

Thank you to all for having me in your thoughts and for all the pressie and gifts.


  1. Lucky small kucing got many presents ^^

  2. Lots of gifts to be opened. I know he was very happy..Wishing you a great week.

  3. So many presents!!! My post on presents scheduled for New Year's Eve...

  4. Ooohh....after opening pressie, it's time to keep the xmas tree jor..hehheheh

  5. Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. (Author unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old named Bobby)

    Sending you the best wishes for a happy and wonderful season.

  6. Cute pictures! Looks like he had fun opening presents. My kids went crazy opening Christmas presents this year. EVERYTHING was open in about five minutes. :)

  7. Nice to see all the presents your son received and thank you to all the people who took the trouble to do that. Suppose thats the joy of Christmas for the kids.

  8. Sorry..sorry.. paiseh.. paiseh.. no pressies from this old auntie here! But delightful to see J opening so many presents.. will make up for you when I see u all next time.. dont know when.. when ah??

  9. Nice presents! Love the Cute angry bird t-shirt!! :D

  10. So many nice pressies!

    I miss eating kompiah. I've never seen any with meat filling. Must be very yummy :)

  11. After eating Bario rice....smallkucing sure grow taller faster....he he he

  12. oh..such a lucky boy with so many pressies :)

  13. Dora

    Many thanks to friends and fellow bloggers :)

  14. May

    He sure had fun with the unwrappng

  15. Yee Ling

    Cham....lay to keep...wait till next year can ah...after all got 12 days of Christmas hahahaha

  16. Nava

    Very thankful to all the thoughful people out there

  17. Claire

    aiya no need yau sum la

  18. Lenglui Witch

    nice leh the baju kekeke

  19. Chloe

    kekeke go bodek STP ...he very nice de

  20. Kim

    Yup....opened so many of them

  21. Mom to Chumsy

    yup...lucky lucky :)

  22. kompiah???wow i love it,,
    n i will have a foochow food trail soon for few days...heheh =P

  23. You must have been a good boy cos you got a gift from Santa. Better be good boy so next year Santa will send you a more gifts.

  24. Wah, so many presents! Gimme some can? :P so what did papa get him?

  25. oh I love kompiah! where to get it in KL?

  26. Chow Chow

    Our 1st time eating meat kompaih ...nice

  27. Caca

    Cannot get was from Sibu


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