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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Phang Kee Dim Sum at Happy Garden, Old Klang Road.

That morning, Mamarazzi was very excited. It was the morning of the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale.

She woke up early and kicked everyone bum bum woke up everyone.

Just imagine....7.30am already wanna leave the house padahal the sale don't starts till 10a.m.

We went pick up Auntie Florence and decided to have Dim Sum at Phang Kee Dim Sum.

 Ordered some Siew Mai. The shape a bit ugly but taste pretty good. 

 Has some other type of Dim Sum. The bottom left one with Prawns were pretty good. Bottom of it was Japanese Tofu.

I think Ah Mah liked the Fishball coz she requested one more plate of that.

 Hongkong Chee Cheong Fun. Taste great with the Sambal.

 Mamarazzi love the porridge. A lot of liu inside it. 

The pau were not bad too.

This dim sum shop is located at Jalan Lazat, Happy Garden. The place is well know as Wai Sik Kai in Happy Garden.


  1. Missed the charsiewpau... they look good eh... over here, the food is mar mar only.. nothing compared to Malaysia.. or should i say IPOH? :)

  2. Hi SK, wow, you guys sure live to eat.....
    Looks delicious.

  3. I can see you had a great day..

  4. oh nice, especially the pao!! i haven't had dimsum for such a long time already..

  5. I had dim sum too that day. VERY nice! Watch out for the post...

  6. lots of wai sik kai all over KL nowadays. :)

    I'm always ON to have some nice dim sums.. hehe

  7. I want the chee cheong fun... kekeke....

  8. Hahhha....yea,that's early. When ur mamarazzi called me, I was still on the bed.

  9. I think they have a branch at Kepong too :)

  10. Kathy....Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and family :) Have a swell time eating ya :)

  11. Wow! A breakfast of tim sum before went for a book shopping spree huh? Small kucing must be sleepy waking up that early.

  12. I will go for the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun because with the rest, its pretty heavy for me as I normally don't have breakfast or the mos something of a small portion.

    I normally go for the prawn version with plenty of chillies on top.

  13. yummy che cheong fum.. i love it!!!

  14. STP

    hhahaahaha lucky not sotong post else someone will say we pakat

  15. Isaac

    This is one of the original wai sik kai..been there so long already

  16. Yee Ling

    HAH!!! alamak..sorry ah...woke u up pulak

  17. Choi Yen

    ya ka...wah expend already ah

  18. Elin

    same to you and your family :)

  19. Rose

    tum tum full full then can drag loads of books mah


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