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Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Home My Playland

Aiya...cannot go McD Playland ah...Never mind la. I create my own Playland.

 One..two...three...super fly!

 My own mini slide....Up up and away...jump!

My own monkey bar...

I'm gonna jump...gonna jump...JUMP!

I think I can....JUMP!

 Got my own tunnel!

Peeka-boo! I see you!

Scared of Mamarazzi being angry? Easy...I sing her a song. 

"Oh Mama! Mama Don't Be Angry~ For I Only Only Naughty~"

Here is a video of me singing "Oh Mama".

Still angry? Nevermind..I sing my kau lui song.."Kan Kor Lai" siap with the gelek-gelek bum-bum. Sure won't be angry liao.

Note: Cham...STP sees this sure he wanna smack my bum bum


  1. looks dangerous..
    but.. haha.. when he gelek, super adorable!

  2. M E L T...... he is sooooo adorable!

  3. How cute! You can make a playground...with singing too

  4. I can see he is having a great time. At least he will exhaust some energy.. Hope you have a great weekend..

  5. Hahahahahaha... ada bakat jadi Shah Rukh Khan Jr. LOL!

  6. Naughty! Naughty! Kesian your mama have to pick up all the things when you're bored of playing... Hmmmm...lock you in dark storeroom better - no monkeying around. LOL!!!

  7. wah, play until like that??!! sure kena "rotan braise pork" by mamarazzi later!! hahaha~~

  8. lol! this reminds me of when I was a kid. Will make all those "houses" and "fortresses" and sit inside, love the feeling of being "inside" my own little space.. hehe

  9. funny lil boy.. what stunt is that hahahaha..habis la rumah mamarazzi lepas ni..

  10. Never knew small kuching can be this ganas and naughty :P Sure knows how to ambil your hati by singing, so cute lahh (:

  11. As long as he does not hurt himself, its fine playing with the chair, can see how fun it must have been for him.

  12. aiyoh, aunty see also heart wanna jump out dangerous playing with chairs..dont do that again ok..guai guai sit down and read books kan better choice..

  13. Oh my goodness! He is SO ADORABLE! I am just in love with him singing and dancing!

  14. aww be careful! i hope he doesnt hurt himself


  15. Oh no...get ready for the Emergency Room visit;)

  16. Did u rotan him after all these stunt?

  17. LG

    dont melt yet...wait till fall down

  18. May

    Thanks nothing to play so use own imagination

  19. Auntie Cleff

    ni must be gara gara taught by you

  20. STP

    I pick up leh...if not Mamarazzi sure intro me to Mr Rotan

  21. SK

    I pick up already so Mamarazzi tarak rotan lo

  22. Choi Yen

    I pick up everything so tak kena rotan lo

  23. Small kucing really terror - can turn the house into a playground :-)

  24. A Mom's Diary

    everythibg turned upside down. If the house not rooted to the ground, it would have been turn upside down too


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