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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Malacca River Cruise and The London Bridge Is Falling Down Song

Mamarazzi had heard so much about the Melaka River Cruise and she was determined to go for the Cruise

Papa found parking opposite Public Bank Building near the Red House. We asked the Parking Attendant where do we buy the ticket for the River Cruise. He told us "kat hujung bangunan"(At the end of the building). 

Hence we walk and walk and walk lo...nice view behind the shops.

Mamarazzi managed to get some nice shots here.

Me and Auntie Florence saw a Jackfruit tree abundance with fruits. Too bad it's not ripe yet.

Walked till end of the building still no sign of the ticketing counter. We then asked another young man. 

The young man told us to go down to the jetty and wait for the boat. When we sees the boat, we are supposed to wave like waving for a taxi/cab. And ask the boat to send us to the Main Jetty to get the tickets.

However, when we got down to the Jetty we saw this signboard. Looks like both young men also gave us wrong information. 

The tickets can be purchase on the boat itself. To take a boat, we have to be at the jetty and wave at the boat.

Price for adult is RM10 per person while for children is RM5 per child. There is an option of Day Pass too where the passenger will be given a Wristband. It's called Ho-Ho Service where for RM20 per adult and RM10 per child can disembark at any jetty and walk around the area. Later on the may board another boat at the jetty to get to another jetty for sight-seeing.

Wave! Wave! Come here come here! the whole boat to ourselves. Great to be here when it's not weekend or Public Holidays.

Can sit anywhere I wish.

Don't wanna sit down la. Run to the front of the boat and look around la.

The boat chugged all the way up the river with soothing music on. 

Once we got to the main Jetty, the Boat Lady started the tour for us with pre-recorded commentary on the tour which describe each place that we pass.

I saw The Eye On Malaysia and the Pirate Ship. I wanted to go but Mamarazzi said the Theme Park not open yet . It's too early.

We saw many colorful building and interesting sights too. The whole tour took around 45 minutes and covers about 9km of the river.

During the Cruise, Mamarazzi discovered something. 

Each time we came near a bridge and pass under a bridge (Trust me, there were many bridges there), I would dodge my head.

Or I would run on back to the shaded area of the boat. Mamarazzi said must be due to the phobia from the song "London Bridge Is Falling Down". I wouldn't want the bridge to come falling down on my head.

Overall it had been a pleasant experience. Thank you very much to Uncle Patrick for spending us for the tour.


  1. Nice! The bridge was really very dirty (black) and smelly when I first went to Malacca around 1990. Looks muddy now - like our Rejang River...not as clear as when they first restored it...

  2. wow.. the river cruise improved a lot and really looks a lot better, unlike the time i went to Malacca.. :p

  3. wa so nice, I have never been there before...looks like you are in Venice...hahaha did you go up on the Eye On Malaysia ?

  4. how was the place mamarazzi? he he he I been there already at night looks awesome!!

  5. RM 10.00 for a ten minutes cruise, not bad at all!

  6. Nice to go when it's not public holiday! Looks so peaceful..

  7. Nice cruise! Will add this to our "to do" list when we go to Melaka again :)

  8. wah... i went malacca so many times but never took the cruise. hahahaha so is it worth it?

  9. So much to explore and learn at same time.Cool!

  10. Yes, I did this cruise too and not too bad an experience and I was like comparing my Venice cruise with this.

    Both was awesome it their own ways although the gondola looks more glamorous and of course pay more also.

  11. I heard from people that the Night Cruise was kin of nice. (:

  12. I have not been here, look interesting, must visit one day.

  13. glad that you enjoyed your trip there, however i think the place is too crowded all the time, with the heavy traffic congestion. i love to eat at malacca more :) hahas!


  14. I hvn't tried that cruise yet.

  15. Looks like a really fun time!

  16. I think is quite worth it for RM10.

    Ehh..i didnt know can purchase the tix at the boat also..hehhe

  17. It must be fun for the kids to go on the boat ride. I also never tried before.

  18. STP

    Eh now no more loooo now very clean and nice

  19. SK

    Our 1st time on the cruise. Was quite an experience lo

  20. ELin

    No wor...didnt get the chance to go up the eye on msia

  21. Sharon

    errrr...have to ask Papa lo

  22. Mell-o

    Day time was very good too

  23. Choi Yen

    Not 10 minutes la...45 minutes

  24. Lenglui Witch
    very need to fight with people for makan and tour

  25. Medie

    Kira okay la RM10 only...can snap a lot of pic...but if you pay rm20 can get all day tickets . You can just get down on any jeti then walk around snap pic and explore then get back to the boat and for another tour place..worth it la

  26. Nava

    Never been to venice cruise...maybe one of these days...

  27. Jensem
    cooler too than day time. Nice for those dating kekekeke

  28. Fish

    we went there not on public holiday nor school holiday. So it was fine la


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