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Friday, 16 December 2011

Lunch at Coconut Flower Restaurant Teluk Gong, Klang

This is another late post. Happen in October after we visited Logos Hope.

*Getting emotional* Mamarazzi say I can have ice cream at Logos Hope but No Ice Cream Lah.

Kesian me...Mamarazzi say "Wanna merajuk ah? merajuk la...malas nak layan".

Now am hungry. Nobody have any idea what or where to eat pulak.

Finally, Papa suggested we go have lunch at Coconut Flower Restaurant at Teluk Gong. It was nearby to the Port.

First and foremost...Soya Bean Drink for me. I was very thirsty. Maybe due to all the running about in Logos Hope and the sea air.

We had Lala Fried Bihun. Super yummy.  It was so super that we ordered another plate of this. It's not that oily and taste just right for us.

 Stir-Fried Sweet Potatoes Leaves. 

Was real surprised when the waiter brought us this soup as we did not order this. It was complimentary soup.

Winter Melon with peanut soup. Taste very good. Boiled long enough.

Then we ordered their Herbal Chicken. Everyone loved this. Taste pretty similar to Aun Kheng Lim Salt Baked Chicken.

Am sure Auntie Little Bird will kill Mamarazzi for featuring this dish. Fried Butter Squid.

Total cost of this mean for four adults and one kids plus drink was less than RM100.

Here is the address should you wish to try out this restaurant.

Coconut Flower Restaurant
702 Jalan Udang Galah,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
Tel 03-31341218, 31342886


  1. look like ayam mabuk he he he i mean the chicken mix herbs and alcohol right??

  2. Mamarazzi very pandai cari makan. The squid and the bihun sound very good.

  3. My husband loves Lala Fried Bihun. Although i have not tasted it before.

  4. Hmmm...everytime grumpy! Must spank...spank kuat-kuat liao like that. Next time, ask mama lock you in toilet while she goes out to eat better...

    Prawns? I had nice ones for dinner last night. Will post on it...

  5. wah complementary soup? the place sounds great! ^^ thanks for the review

  6. wow wow wow, i just love that lala fried beehoon lor.. so nice for a breakfast now~~

  7. I would love that fried butter squid!

  8. I think it is very expensive? But the mihun looks good, i havent tried that with lala before..

  9. I think I might have been there before - not bad, one...

  10. wow, a lot of eggs on the squid, I like this, very fluffy & aromatic :)

  11. Like their lala beehun & the herbal chicken. Ohh time to go Ipoh again for the chicken...LOL!!

  12. What a look?? No ice-cream, so sad meh? You better be a good boy if not Santa will not have any presents for you this year. Oh please tell your Mamarazzi this:
    here is the details of the sales that i received.

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    Closing down clearance sale! All must go by Dec!

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    - children story & activity books,
    - pets - dogs, fishes, rabbits etc,
    - sports,
    - hobbies -craft, doll making, cookbooks etc,
    - various paper back titles
    - etc!

    all going rock bottom prices (from RM1!)

    Golf accessories, wooden tees (in bulk), driving range steel baskets, rubbers tees & others.

    Cash only.

    16th - 18th December 2011. 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

    Any enquiries, call 012-2831375 (Jenny - Books) or 012-2293750 (Virginia - Golf items)

  13. i am so thrilled by your photos! gorgeous!

  14. Your food is always so interesting! I had no idea you could eat sweet potato leaves!

  15. Don't be emotional.. smile back!~

  16. Having been here before, I quite like the food here though its become very popular and crowded.

  17. Aiyo, back to same problem with Yee Ling's blog, cannot access again. Just let her know Kathy.

  18. I've been there once for dinner before and tried the lala fried meehoon too :D Not bad.

  19. Mummy Gwen

    Saw some blogs recommend this mah

  20. May

    Should ask your husband to bring you to the resturant wher he had that. It taste great

  21. Dora

    ya complimentary soup. Was surprised

  22. SK

    hahaha...breakfast mana ada lala fried bihun

  23. Yee Ling

    no need go so far. Subang Jaya sect 19 got the salted chicken

  24. QPC

    Thaniu Thankiu but too bad cant make it...

  25. Janae

    Yes can be eaten and taste great of stir fry with sambal belacan

  26. Nava

    ya very crowded if it is weekend. Week days not that bad.

    have informed her about the blog. Maybe need to use different browser to view

  27. Hilda

    overall the food there is not bad la.


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