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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa, Pandamaran

Some time ago Mamarazzi read in Quay Po Cooks blog post titled "What Do You Give To Someone Who Has Everything?".

What would your answer be? QPC answer is "Only one thing, I guess.  Our PRESENCE not presents"

Our friend had a birthday recently. Since the friend has everything, guess the only thing we can have is a big makan makan.

We celebrated at this restaurant since all of us loves to eat seafood especially Crabs. We had two types of Crabs.

Steamed Crabs Fresh and very yummy. Mamarazzi didn't get to eat much of this coz as she peeled, I ate.

Second type was Kum Heong Crabs

 We had Lala Fried Bihun. A lot of vegetable as compared to the one at Coconut Flower Restaurant.
 Can see a lot of tiny Lala on top.

I like it. But Mamarazzi said a bit oily for her. Nevermind, more share for me.

 Had Seong Thong Lala.Mmm....not bad.

 See this! Big big Lala.. Juicy juicy...

Kiap! Kiap! Don't you wanna have a bite?...nice nice wor...

 Stir Fried Sweet Potatoes Leaves.

Fried Oh Chien(Fried Oyster). Taste ok ok la. A bit burnt and not that crispy.

 Mamarazzi saw the next table having "Ais Krim Goreng"(Fried Ice-Cream). 

Alamak! have to eat fast fast coz it melts very fast.

Here is the address of the restaurant should you be interested to try out the food :

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa
1354 Jalan Nipah 4, Kawasan 10, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor
Tel :  03 3168 4451


  1. I LOVE crab! It looks so good and fried ice cream sounds great too! I also liked what you said about giving your presence for Christmas.

  2. wow the fried bihun make my saliva running out like a river ha ha ha yummy..

  3. Whose birthday? No worries, I don;t have you can get me a car, a flat screen tv, an iPad....etc etc etc! All I don't have. LOL!!!

  4. auntie tak tahan lah tengok crab kum tu yang second picture tu...this weekend, christmas day ada wedding invitation kat klang...maybe auntie boleh jalan2 cari makan kat sana kan...he hehe

  5. My this group of friends, whoever birthday, we also come out to eat, and we have a agreement, not to buy each other presents, keke...

  6. the kum heong crabs look yummy!

  7. Pity mamarazzi, i think I have to train Sam to peel her own prawn or crab next time :P

  8. As i commented in STP and cleff's blogs,i see food like no feel.. cham moe!!

  9. fried ice cream..i like. Can get at pasar malam..

  10. Simply amazing seafood esp the crabs, however I have not tried the fried ice-cream before.

  11. Quay Po Cooks is a good friend of mine & we stalk each other's blog regularly. Hahaha! Great to learn that we're in the same circle :)

    I'm a big fan of seafood & u're making me drool with the shots! Your kid is adorable!

  12. Janae

    a friend said that and i agree with her

  13. STP

    friend punya lo...wah you have got so many wishes ah

  14. Marie

    hahaha..happy food hunting lo....oh ya dont forget makan I.V roti cannai.sedap

  15. Sharon

    ya very good idea. No need to headache

  16. Wenn

    mamarazzi preferred the steamed ones

  17. Nava

    This time our 1st time try also

  18. Black swan we know :)


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