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Friday, 9 December 2011

It's No Fun Without Funds

I have this friend who works with children in suburban areas and children with learning difficulties. I’ve always held her in great admiration and I truly respect the way she’s able to handle these kids. It’s always amazing to see the way they respond to her and she seems to have the talent to bring out the best in them and have them believe that. Just the other day, she was telling me about how difficult it was becoming for her to travel to those areas without her own car. The sad thing is that her current financial status doesn’t allow her to secure a bank loan that easily, so my heart kind of just bled for her predicament. And then I read about auto title loan, which is a short term loan that is handed to auto car owners who’re facing difficulties financing their own car.

My friend is estatic at this opportunity and she told me she was going to try applying for one. After all, the repayment schedule seemed pretty flexible as long as she paid the minimum amount each month. Of course interest would be dependent on how much she still owes after each repayment, but I trust that she’ll have the discipline to control her finances with a tight fist so that she’ll be able to meet those payments and not get into greater debt. Thinking back, it’s a wonderful idea securing this title loan to help ease her worries so that she can continue serving those children with a lighter heart and a free mind.


  1. I like the new layout of your blog, simply amazing and very nice.

    You did a great deed for a wonderful person who is giving so much to the society in return.

    Btw, I am back home already from Thailand.

  2. Good evening mamarazzi I hope you okay there.. and good night in advance xoxo :)

  3. She must be a very good friend to you. Her job is not an easy one. It takes lots of wisdom and patience to make it in such field of work. I wish her all the best.

  4. Nava

    Welcome home :) Looking forward to your Thailand posts


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