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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I Was Stripped Half Naked at Portugis Settlement, Malacca

What happen was like this. 

After we went to Tan Kim Hock Products, we decided to have dinner before going home.

We have had Chinese food, Malay food, Baba Nyonya Potugis food lor.

Papa drove up to the Food Court at Portuguese Settlement. We received a "warm welcome" when we parked our car at the makan place.

Each person were trying to get us to go to their stall.

We finally was won over by stall number 10, J & J Corner. 

No regret going to J & J Corner coz when we reach there, Mamarazzi got a whiff of something good.

Very nice aroma of MANGO. 

Yup! spotted this "Joe's Only One Mango Juice" situated right in front of J & J Corner. Mamarazzi straight away says she want Mango Juice.

Mamarazzi didn't know that Joe's Only One Mango Juice is famous there. Only when she came home doing some research while composing this post did she knew it.

Each a cup. RM2.50 each. Cheap if compared to KL. Taste...WOW! Suits us a lot.

I love it! They put an asamboi into the drink. Papa preferred his without the asamboi.

After I finished off Papa's Mango Juice, we ordered two more. This round without the Asamboi. Tasted very good too.

After we finished our dinner, Mamarazzi noticed that they have Ice Blended Coconut with Ice Cream. time must order this.

While waiting for our food to arrive, I was rather naughty. I can't sit still. Kept running here and there.

This led to me having to do strip tease.

What happen was, I went and play under a tree. Then Auntie Florence noticed that there were A LOT of black colour "dots" moving around my pant. 

Omgh! it was RED ANTS! They were practically crawling all over my pants and going up.

Thank God for Auntie Florence's sharp eyes. She immediately led me away from the tree and into the brightly lit area and alerted Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi proceed to strip me.

Off with the shoes...Yuck! whole load of Red Ants there. Off with the socks! threw them on the ground and stomp stomp stomp with my pants. many red ants at the end of pants. 

Some ants on my legs going up my thigh area. Mamarazzi promptly swat those away. Saw I was bitten at some parts. Applied a whole load of Tiger Balm.

She stood me me up the chair. Peeked into my undies. ants there. Birdie is safe.

Fuih! Lucky me...else it would have been off with my undies too.  People were starting to stare at me. The stall owner came over to see what's wrong.

While Mamarazzi was stripping me, the Grilled Otak Otak Ikan which Papa ordered from Misu-Misu stall arrived. It must have been good coz they finished those in a jiffy and order 10 more.

We also had Steamed Otak Otak from J & J Corner. RM10. 

Black Pepper Brinjal (RM6). Mamarazzi loved it very much. She says maybe she will try this at home using Quay Po Cook's Lemon Pepper spice.

Sambal Ladies Fingers(RM6).  Wonder why this vegetable is called Ladies Fingers. Ladies fingers got small small "bulu"bristle) ka?

Mamarazzi "kepunan" Grill Fish coz she did not get to eat much of the Grill Fish from Umbai. That fish had too much small bones.

Portugis Ikan Bakar(Portugese Grilled Fish) is cooked differently. They add in Sambal too  grill it. Taste? Yummmy!

This fish cost us RM32-20(700gm). The market price that day. Price not much different from the Asam Fish that we had at Restaurant Nyonya  Makko earlier that day.

Ginger Lala (RM15). Surprisingly big portion. We love this type of Lala coz its very sweet and very meaty.

Papa saw they have Scallop and wanted to try. Usually Mamarazzi dare not order Scallop as they might be pretty expensive but since we came all the way here, might as well try lah.

Surprised. This plate cost RM15 only.

The size were pretty big and taste very good.

Yummy yummy...I like the food here.

This is the address should you feel like trying out their food.

Restaurant J & J Corner
No 10 Medan Selera
Perkampungan Portugis
75000 Melaka
Open : Tuesday to Sunday Close on Monday
Business Hours : 5.30pm to 12am
Tel :  012-2718134 Julie/012-6081724 Claudine


  1. haha, this was funny, but poor small kucing, the ants bit him, yet he did not feel much pain?

  2. Poor kiddo!! This just had me rolling with laughter!! I'm so glad you got them off him!

  3. Good to hear Birdie is safe...that made me laugh:)

  4. hahaha, small kucing too sweet already until ants also wanna crawl on him to taste the sweetness ah?? oooh, those are scallops ah, hehehe, the "mountain tortoise" SK thought those were yam and bananas instead, wakakakakaka~~ :D

  5. aduh SK...auntie ingat kan mamarazi yang kena undress, kalau mamarazilah, sure front page the star kan..

    but auntie really happy the ant did not do any harm to your birdie....nasib baik tuh...he he he

  6. Mango my fav!!

    Aijor....luckily discovered it early by Aunt Florence.

  7. hehe poor small kucing...the food look good!mango juice!drool!

  8. Whoa~ Luckily Mama & Auntie were fast enough to save the small kitty~ :) Those were some nice looking food you have there~ I missed Malacca now~ :P

    P/S: You better take care of ant nests next time as there have been cases of fire ants building up their nests recently. A few of my friends I had known had landed in hospital due to ant stint poisoning and that was only one ant. Can you imagine the outcome if there were a whole lots biting you? Do be more careful next time~ :)

  9. LOL....little birdie is okay...I just blew coke outta my nose reading that!!!!

    Bahahahaha....I needed a good laugh tonight. Although I am really sorry about those ants. I rolled down a hill in grade school and had to be stripped down to my panties on the playground. UGH! I still haven't lived that down..


  10. ahhh. nice thing to blog for your lil son. <33 When he read this later on in life, wonder how he'll feel. :D hahahaha.

  11. Haha.. Catch u here with the title.. Good food in Malacca!

  12. Food all look good!! Yum!

    I think i will prefer that grill otak otak. Yum yum...hungry now.

  13. Oh dear, he must have sat on the ants' nest. Should have removed his undies to check... just to be safe :p

    The mango juice is fresh and not the bancuh type, right? I love mango juice too.

  14. hahahaha...see...notty again..luckily the ant didn't bite the time sit still k... =)

  15. Lovely food and sure its my kind, everything looks so tempting, esp the grilled otak-otak. Yes, I can eat and eat this and still not satisfied.

  16. Awwhh~ Poor small Kucing. :( Luckily his undie didn't took off! :D


  17. Oh..luckily Mamarazzi and Aunty Florence acted swiftly. The food looks good actually.

  18. Food looks great. No naked photo of you kah? Good thing Little Birdy escaped... LOL!!!

  19. argghhh, you should have post this earlier..just came back from malacca yesterday..did drop by some of the shop that u mentioned..but this , this..we're staying just next to this portuegese settlement and yet we didnt go there to eat..

    we did make a turn there , but find nothing special, only can see one lavish seafood restaurant, didnt know they have foodcourt inside..

    ah, have to plan our next trip to malacca already, i still havent tried at the Umbai and this..

  20. I also like the food here, Mama.. all looks good except the ants!! Thank God for Auntie Florence.. the ants didnt bit the birdie.. hahaha..

  21. I am glad you like this delicious food! Yummy

  22. Isaac

    Feel pain but never kena ants bite before so duno how to express lo

  23. Christina

    Lucky the ants didnt explore higher places else the blog post title would have to minus out the word "Half"

  24. Marie

    if Mamarazzi the cham looooooo

  25. Yee Ling

    next time go there must try that mango juice leh...

  26. Gold flower

    if you go dont forget to have the mango juice. and the grill fish nice

  27. Cris

    Love the food ther. It's so delicious

  28. Sharon're are much worse than this hahaha

  29. Priscilla

    Provided the blog will be online that long :p

  30. Chloe

    Spotted fast...ants only venture up to knee.

    Its fresh mango juice. Saw some customer after getting their drinks mintak some slices of mango to eat

  31. Nava

    Ooo then next time you go Melaka can drop by this place

  32. Mummy Gwen

    hahahah...ya lucky for AUntie Florence sharp eyes

  33. STP

    la...later ppl say this blog promote Child Porn how??? LOL

  34. Iyson

    we also sesat to the big hotel there. Then we spotted the white food court

  35. I will really love to eat Scallop, it looks really delicious. The name ladies fingers will make a lot of people try it out.

  36. OMG, poor thing you Small Kucing. You must be very sweet that the ants love you! On a more serious note, glad you are not hurt.

  37. wow the food is really yummy. i haven't visited the portugese settlement before :) your post is really funny :)

  38. Claire

    ya lo...lucky Auntie Florence's sharp eyes

  39. May

    Love the food there. delicious!

  40. MTC time must go and try the food there but beware of ants


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