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Friday, 30 December 2011

Hardware Cafe at Space U8, Shah ALam

Earlier this month while helping a friend to check out some properties around Shah Alam area, we came across this new shopping mall.

It's located at Section U8, Shah Alam. Very big and new shopping mall. It was so new that there were barely 10 shops opened.

See what I mean...brand new shop. Saw that the Mall is equipped with some BIG ASS FANS.

No not swearing leh..that was what written on the fans. See!

Among the shops that were open was Hardware Cafe. Interesting concept as they combine hardware shop with quite a classy cafe.

As it was lunch time, Papa and Mamarazzi decided to have lunch here.

Wah...duno coz am cute handsome cheeky, the Jie Jie there gave me two mini cupcakes. Phewitt!! got heart shapes some more.


Need I say more? free wifi leh and tea. Guess maybe while the men browse through the hardware area, the ladies can have tea and fiddle with their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, strawberry and what not ya...

Mamarazzi had "LemoNail". Refreshing.

No typo error here. That's what they named the drink. They have funny names for the drinks like Limedrill, Orange Cutter, Strawberry Pail and etc. 

Did you noticed the serviette sticking to the glass? Very considerate of them. Normally if a glass filled with iced water, it would be very cold to touch. When they put the serviette there, it would be much easier for the customers to hold their drinks.

Hmm...not much of hardware stuffs yet. Guess coz the shop is brand new. Give it a few weeks sure will be full of stuffs.

We had the Hardware Fried Rice, served with Chicken Wings and Acar(pickled pineapple and carrots)

I like the Papadoms. Both Papa and Mamarazzi liked the Fried Rice. It was delicious. The soup was normal. Could have been better.

We also had Mango Squid with "Sambal Belacan" served with steamed Rice. 

Papa dare not try as the Sambal looks very spicy. Guess Nava would have like it. Mamarazzi like it well enough though it was spicy. However, she would preferred the Sambal to be less salty. Too bad about the mango as it was too ripe. If it was crunchy then it would have been perfect. 

Please don't be deterred from trying this dish. It was good. The squid was fresh.

If you happens to be in this area, do drop by to try out the food here. Hardware Cafe, B1-23-3, Kompleks Space U8, No. 8, Persiaran Pasak Bumi, Taman Bukit Jelutung, Section U8,40150 Shah Alam Tel: 03-5033 4888.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid food review or an invited food review.


  1. New concept dining, I like. And the food looks good too (: But the wifi password so funny one, AHAAA? LOL Heard about this newly opened mall, will pay a visit there soon!

  2. Funny concept...and I thought the Clinic was bad...or the one with the toilet concept. Just serve good food at fair and reasonable prices, no need for all this crap.

  3. The "big ass fan" is cool...! It must be a giant fan!


  4. hahaha, BIG ASS FAN.. good name!! actually not the best one i've seen, the best one i've seen was "STIFF NIPPLE" for the aircond, wakakakaka~~ they so good, stick the wifi password on the wall for everyone~~ :)

  5. great! the wifi password is being displayed!

  6. wow, you have visited Space U8! This place seems so nice. I plan to go there with kids this long weekend.

  7. Oh yes..pls inform your friend there is no chinese daycare centre, for the being time la. That day I went to visit my ex bbsitter who is staying around that area.

  8. do they sell hardware there apart from serving food? the concept is quite fresh.

    Latest: Black is The New Trend

  9. Happy New Year 2012 to you and your family!!!

  10. hardware shop cum cafe, definitely the FIRST in Malaysia huh :P

    Happy New Year to you & family!

  11. Hahahahhaha!!!!!! I love you Kathy, you sure know what kind of food I adore and you are absolutely right, thats my pick. Anything with sambal belacan I will drool to the max.

    Seems like a great idea and concept. They sure have unique name of their food. I would certainly like to give this place a try in the near future, suppose its not very far from from where I stay too.

  12. Hey small kuching, uncle Eugene here wishing you good good health and good good makan again comes 2012 ya.

    and to you Kathy, thanks for being my friend here in cyberspace, appreciate sincerely ya

  13. Nowadays we don't need to travel to KL to shopping, so many shopping malls open in our neighborhood.

  14. dropping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!! Great knowing you! :)

  15. dropping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!! Great knowing you! :)

  16. Happy new year 2012 to you & family ! :)

  17. Wenn

    save you the trouble from asking lo

  18. Caca

    Oo...but nothing much opened yet wor

  19. Sonia

    ya now they are going by the concept township


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