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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Frying Operation Started and Santa Came In A Motorbike.

 JENG!!! JENG!!!! (Chinese Arrowheads). I think you can guess what is going to happen next.

Yup...we bought these from Tesco last Sunday at RM3-28/kg. The price is still a bit high but since Mamarazzi's hand was itchy already, she bought some.

No joke leh...She even bought a new slicer two months ago, in preparation for this "operation"

 Ta! Da! 1st batch of Arrowhead Chips... little..mana cukup.

Well, Mamarazzi said this is just to warm up. When the price is right, then will make big big "Operasi Menggoreng".

While Mamarazzi busy frying, I was busy eating. Me very guai ah..never kacau Mamarazzi.

Hmmm ...maybe that is why Santa deliver my gift early. Since there is no Snow in Malaysia, sledge can't move here leh. Santa had to use Poslaju to deliver my gift to me. 

Jeng! Jeng! He even send a picture of himself. 

I bet he is like Dibo The Gift Dragon. In his tum tum sure got present. But Mamarazzi say cannot open yet. Must put under the Christmas Tree first. Wait for Boxing Day.

 After 1 hour of frying...

After 3 hours of frying 1.15kg of Chinese Arrowheads, the result of her efforts....1 big tub, 1 medium tub and 2 small tubs... and plus minus those in my tum tum ones.

Not bad eh?

And thank you very much Santa for my gifts.

I am now in dreamland as Mamarazzi was writing this post. Having a good dream till I chuckle out loud. Too bad Mamarazzi didn't have her camera in hand to record down my chuckles. She says I must be dreaming of the Ngaku Chips and the Gifts.


  1. Cant wait to taste the arrowhead...slurppp!!

  2. I have not tried this arrowheads before and wonder how was the taste but sure have done the same with lotus roots.

  3. haha, mamarazzi not baking some cakes for christmas but straight away started the "nga goo" frying operation?? fuyoh~~

  4. many gifts. I send mine via poslaju tomorrow, hope will reach you Friday or Saturday in time for Christmas. You people lah... Surprise, surprise...and in the end all the presents I did not bring. Have to take the rice back from Auntie Elaine to give to your malu lah. Next time, no more play-play surprise one.

  5. gosh..chinese new year liow? too bad not staying in KL!! :)

  6. Yum...I want some of those chips!

  7. The Arrow head looks like something that would be tasty..Sweet dreams!

  8. Nava

    Taste like potato chips. Mamarzzi tried frying lotus root before. But not sucessful

  9. STP

    aiyo...paiseh la...

    LOL...that day memang wanna surprise you mah.

  10. Ohh arrowhead... my fav.
    I can foresee sore throat coming!

  11. Have not tried frying this before, maybe if one of the day, have the urge, will try it out... kaka....

  12. Che-Cheh

    Ya lo very yit hei but syok to eat

  13. I think those chips will finish before CNY, even before Christmas? haha!!

  14. Not bad wor, 1kg can yield so many jars. My mouth also "itchy" wanna eat but I hate frying la... let me experiment and see whether baking works or not hehe :p

  15. SK..auntie pun suka sangat kerepek arrow head ni tapi tu lah, auntie tengok pun, harga still quite pandailah mamarazi goreng the kerepek..semua cantik2 kaler dia...auntie punya kerepek pulak, mula-mula memang cantik2, tapi lepas tu dah hangit2 kat tepi2 tu...not pro yet..kena belajar tips mengoreng dari your mummy lah...:)

  16. salivating liao!! You know SK, aunty only started to eat ngaku 2 years back...I know, WHAT was I thinking?! anyways, I'll try making ngaku chips this time but,but 3 hours frying woh! 0_o

  17. Wahlau! So early fry ngaku chips already?

  18. Marie

    Harga semakin turun now kekekeke...

  19. A Mom's Diary

    Ya....saja itchy hands LOL


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