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Friday, 2 December 2011

A Famosa, Malacca

After the River Cruise, our next stop was A Famosa.One of the most visited place in Malacca.

Faster snap photo la. Sun too bright. My eyes cannot open liao

Already snap photo? Photo of the trishaw? Okay...let's get out from under the sun.

Hahaha...I am going to KABOOM someone! 

There..the the old entrance to the fort.

Let's go hill climbing

Faster la Mamarazzi. You can't catch me! Looks like Mamarazzi is getting too old for the climb already. Walk a bit already semput/out of breath.

From here, I can see the Taming Sari Tower and the replica of the former Portuguese ship named “Flor De La Mar” which now house the Malacca Maritime Museum.

What a wonderful view.

Just imagine....these building have been here since around 1511. That's a very long time.

I wonder how long have this tree been around.

Look at me! I am up up high on the tree. Gonna climb up to the top of the fortress.

Ahem...humping the tree? Opppss...nah just measuring how many arms lenght is this tree.

We didn't stay long here. It was a very hot day and we have to get back to the hotel to check out soon. 

Next stop will be to the hotel and then more "Cari Makan" adventures.


  1. why didnt snap photo "inside" the trishaw? or you didnt ride on it?

    Nice trip to malacca there!

  2. Haha... last year auntie went oso did not climb up... auntie dinasour liao, if go up, sure samput oso. LOL!

  3. If they fix an escalator, then I will consider going up there... LOL!!!

  4. I went there too last week for my holiday but we did't go for the river cruise tho :) have you all tried the satay celup and ais kacang?

  5. wah, i've really never been this place for a long time already~~

  6. it's beautiful out there i enjoy the view too the last time i been to melaka :D

    good morning mamarazzi..have a great day ahead :)

  7. Small Kucing enjoy the trips ya... hehe...

  8. A Famosa is one of the place that I dearly love. Been there the first time something like 15 years ago, and went there twice last year. The interesting is that the dude that sings there, was the same dude that I meet so many years back. Little kucing so cute and he's a poser isn't he? :)

  9. faster share which hotel u stay, maybe can as my reference when i plan for my trip.

  10. Thanks for sharing the virtual tour of A Famosa. What happened to your sun glasses forgot to bring along? hehe.

  11. me going malacca (again) later in Dec. hahahah

  12. I too took a couple of shot at this place and you bet the sun was burning hot.

  13. Gift of nature is really beautiful. How amazing and beautiful some things are. Wishing you a great weekend..

  14. are sooo enjoying yourself!

    Have a great trip & be safe sweetie :D

  15. This is a historical place, kids should pay a visit..

  16. Awwh~~ He is cute! :D Cute with those facial reaction. haha :D I did went to Malacca this year, but didn't managed to visit A Famosa. :(


  17. good thing the monorail was not in service. you don't know when you'll get stuck in it.

  18. Auntie Cleff

    2 x 5 with Mamarazzi

  19. STP

    Escalator too hot la...put a lift with air-cond la

  20. Dora

    yup have done the river cruise and satay celup and cendol

  21. SK

    No need to go la since you have seen it once it is still the same

  22. Mell-o

    you too :) A great day to you

  23. Sharon

    yup coz can run about a lot

  24. Thristhan

    The place never change but the people had changed

  25. Choi Yen

    LOL...nanti i kena sue oh

  26. Bananaz

    forgot to bring out lo...left in the car

  27. Medie

    wahhh syok...happy hunting to you

  28. Nava

    Mamarazzi been there a few times and each time the sun was very hot...

  29. Mummy Moon

    now still cant fully appreciate the place..maybe when in primary school then will understand more

  30. DOc

    LOL...then it would be an adventure least no wheel falling down on the head :p


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