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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Colonel Sanders With Papa?

Come come ah...walk faster's evening already. The Cendol Stall outside here already closed.

Later the shop close how? Must borong some "ole-ole" (gifts) home leh. Else tak sah to say that we have been to Malacca without getting some tidbits from Tan Kim Hock Products. 

While browsing for goodies there, Papa was approached by "KFC Colonel Sanders"....opppsss...sorry my mata juling(Cross-eyed)..not Colonel Sanders. This one don't have "janggut"(Beard)

See see newspaper clips there...uiks...that man looks like the owner of the shop, Mr Tan Kim Hock. Ahem...not Mister. If not mistaken his title was duno Professor or Doctor as written in one of the newspaper clippings there

Anyway, he was telling Papa about the goodness of this Concentrated Lime Juice With Honey. Can help to reduce weight also.

Mamarazzi joked with the Sales Lady standing there that Mamarazzi do not need to reduce weight as she is skinny enough. Mamarazzi need to gain weight.

Wow...the brain of the Sales Lady acted very fast as she replied that the Juice is a bit sourish. Hence after eating Mamarazzi will have more appetite to eat and by eating will gain weight. Aiks...macam tu pun boleh. Must certainly ask the Boss to increase her salary.

The Boss have much confident of his product and he asked his staff to snap a photo of him with Papa. Maybe as a before and after photo gua.

Mamarazzi also took the opportunity to snap photo la.Kiasu (LOL).

After that he belanja(treat)  each of us a the Cold Honey Lime Juice.

Mmm..nice. Very refreshing and thirst quenching

In the end we bought two bottles of the Lime Juice with Honey, Fried Shrimps Rolls and some other stuffs.

Here is the address should you wish to drop by the shop : 153 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, 75000 Melaka.


  1. Ish... terkejut auntie... ingat tersilap rumah. =.= Change template ah? The header very nice worr... =D

  2. Ooo...beautiful header!

  3. The photos show a happy family at the shop...good that Mamarazzi took the photos of a delicious drink!

  4. I went to this place before during my kursus... bought some titbits.. dint see lime juice too..
    hey, maybe the boss thought your loe koong is a Hongkong celebrity! :)

  5. wow... i want some lil boy.. can u share that drinks with me?? he he...cute always mamarazzi this lil boy,,

  6. I did see this drink being sold at Jonkers but could not buy as very heavy to carry back home.

  7. Your boy really grown up .... Been following your blog and really see him grow! Lol

  8. Love your new header.

    I see you did a lot of shopping in Melaka. Hehe I know nobody can resist!

  9. This shop very famous in Melaka ya... hehe...

  10. I love the new header. What an awesome picture!

    The food looks awesome as always!

  11. Claire

    hahaha...each time go MLK sure will go there one. Surprising, heard the boss is like 70-80 yrs old but still very strong leh

  12. Nava

    Can recall how much was the price?

  13. Chris

    coz eat rice every day lor...grow very fast kekeke

  14. Sharon

    yes ...super 2 shops

  15. Che Cheh

    This round kira as not much. Previous was more


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