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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-What Happen to the Traitor/Christmas Shopping

(Recycled photo from "My Lego From Bangsar" Post)

Can't believe 1 year has nearly gone. 

Last year, we had gone to Bangsar and there was a Lego Exhibition there. Papa and Mamarazzi bought me a bucket of Lego as my Christmas gift.

I hugged it all the way home.

This year, I went shopping with Mamarazzi. I saw this "Building set". Managed to "bodek" Mamarazzi to get this for me.

Hmm...quite similar pose one year before and one year after, ya?

Mamarazzi managed to do some Christmas shopping last Friday. Again she went to BookXcess. 

Amazed as she found a lot of Enid Blyton books being stocked there. There are a lot of new books at the Children section. Didn't have time to drop by other section.

Check out this cute "Doggie" . The tum tum is empty. This "doggie" eats pillow. When the tummy full, it's very nice to huggy this "doggie".

Mamarazzi can't resist it and bought one. It's only RM19-90 and it comes with a book and CD. Love the eyes .

This round Mamarazzi very "guai". Bought only 3 books. One ter-left in the car so no photo here. 

Currently Bookxcess is having Christmas Promotion 2011 (24/11/2011 - 01/01/2012)

* 50% discount on 6 selected ‘Book of the Week’.

* 20% discount on selected titles from all sections & ALL Nora Roberts’ novels.

* FREE RM20 Bookxcess voucher with purchases of RM 200 nett and above in a single receipt.

* Free Gift Wrapping service provided with FREE wrappers, gift tags, and ribbons.

Mamarazzi bought the "Julie&Julia" book on 50% discount coz it was one of the 6 books listed under "Book of The Week". Mamarazzi didn't like the movie but hopefully this book is good. Oh's less than RM9 after discount and an additional 5% discount for members.

She can't help herself when she spotted the Hardcover "The O'Clock Tales Collection" by Enid Blyton. There are 40 stories in this book. RM19-90 only leh.....really worth while. Last time she bought something similar it was RM36 plus.

Speaking of Enid Blyton book, Judas had a sad ending in the "The Children's Life of Christ". 

After betraying Jesus, Judas started to regret his decision especially since Jesus is to be put to death in such a cruel way. He recalled how kind Jesus was to him and other people. And he knew Jesus was innocent. 

All is too late. He can't bring himself to spend the 30 pieces of silver blood money. He went looking for the Chief Priests and told them that he bitterly regretted his decision and gave them back the money. They only laughed at him. 

At that time, Judas felt that he had done great wrong and could never forgive himself. He went and hanged himself.  If only he had gone to Jesus and asked for his forgiveness. Jesus would have forgiven him. Too bad for it's always the darkest hour before the sunrises.



  1. Everything happens for a reason. That was why Judas couldn't ask for forgiveness. God wanted it that way. Hope you enjoy reading your new book. Have a great weekend..

  2. Good morning mamarazzi.. :) cute boy always sleep in the car one he he he

  3. The years fly by really quickly. Next thing you know your boy would have entered standard 1!

  4. Wa...I want to be small like Joshua again...can get all these christmas gifts :) Lucky Joshua !

  5. I am excited to read that you bought Julia and Julia as I have watched the movie. Hope its trilling to read though the movie was a bit slow here and there.

    Btw, I am in Thailand having a week holiday and access to internet can be difficult at times. Will try in between to keep in touch, if not when I am back.

  6. hehe hopefully he will be an engineer in the future :)

  7. Doggie? Looks like elephant to me... Soft soft girl likes! Just like my tummy. LOL!!!

  8. so mama didnt burn a hole this time... very very kwai.. :)

  9. I wanna go hunt for more Enid Blyton books too! Hopefully still got that Julie and Julia book. The movie is nice wat... I like :) Everytime when they repeat the show, I'll sure watch :p

  10. Mell-o

    Biasa already ..once in the car will have cat-nap

  11. Isaac

    Agree when is year is a very good year....a dragon son or daughter or maybe both ? kekeke

  12. Elin

    Kids are the happiest at any occassion

  13. Nava

    Happy Holidays to you. Mamarazzi watched the movie but didnt like it. Hope this the book is good

  14. Faisal

    anything as long as a good person

  15. STP

    elephant where where where kekeke

  16. Claire

    Mamarazzi managed to T.A.H.A.N but with great difficulties

  17. Chloe

    They have a lot of Enid Blyton books there this round


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