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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Book Addicts Tried To Break In USJ2 Community Hall?

Last Sunday we went for the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme. 

I was so sleepy that I fell asleep in the car. Missed out all the fun and excitement.

It seems that the Organisers arrived to the Community Hall with a nasty surprise waiting for them. 

They tried to open the lock to the door but something had gone admiss.

They can't get it opened. It seems that someone had tampered with the lock. Could be an attempt to break in?

Maybe an addicts? Could it be that the book addicts trying to get into the Hall to steal all the books for there is nothing else of much value to steal from the Hall apart from a few chairs and tables.

Thanks to the hero of the day, James, who managed to get the door opened in the end.

 There are a lot of interesting books there.

There were some pleasant present surprises waiting for those book hunters . 

Found some books wrapped in colourful present papers with tag that says "Adopt A Book For Xmas!" 

Mamarazzi could guess whose clever idea this is.

As usual, the Organiser and some regulars came arms with refreshment. Yummy Nyonya Kuih!. 

Mamarazzi found these two interesting looking book at the exchange. 

Auntie Fay recommended Sherrilyn Kenyon books to Mamarazzi. Said it's very good. 

Further digging, Mamarazzi found this book. I bet Auntie Little Bird will be jealous. She loves this sort of books.

A million thanks to Jie Jie Nylusmilk for keeping these four books for Mamarazzi. 

"The Flower Drum Song" should be very good as Mamarazzi heard some members praise this book.

Mamarazzi"adopted" this book. Will open it on Boxing Day.

Hhmmmm....apa boxing boxing...Christmas Tree pun belum set up.

Any kind soul wanna help Mamarazzi to set up the Christmas Tree?


  1. wow, so many books again :)

  2. Wah, Flower Drum Song also got, very old book!

    Didn't call Uncle Pete to open the lock kah?....ha ha ha!

  3. never set up any X'mas three before, guess would be FUN huh?

  4. I love emily the strange mamarazzi!! how much is it?? I love emily the strange so bad ha ha ha..

  5. Huh, that's funny, why would someone want to tamper with the lock? It's not like there are new stocks to curi. They are all 2nd hand books. My interest would be similar to Auntie Little Bird - I'm also fascinated with oriental history.

  6. Lol @ book addicts. You know sometimes i wonder how book bloggers combine blogging and reading. If i do that honestly i will not have time again for my blog. I envy them though. Hope you enjoy your books!

  7. Ummm....if you're buying me a Christmas present, I don't want a, thank you. Muahahahahaha!!!

  8. Mayb drug addict tried to break in kut, but kudos to James, he us such determine uncle(he had at least spent half an hour on the lock).

    I hv got Sherrilyn Kenyon too, someone recommended me during the book Xchange.

  9. So is it really a break in? :O Like the idea for adoption of book, something special HEH

  10. T__________T *go merajuk at one corner*

  11. SK

    Kekeke....some hard to find books leh

  12. Pete

    Hmmmmm been hearing about this a lot...looks like Mamarazzi have to read Flower Drum SOng 1st

    alamak...forgot your number mah...thought wanna call Handy Manny..."you break it, we fix it" LOL

  13. Choi Yen

    FUN.....when dismantling lagi F.U.N.

  14. Mell-o

    It was FOC. Only bring books to there and exchange

  15. Alice

    Maybe drug addicts or what thought wanna steal table and chairs there. After all, sell to the recycle shop will get a few RM gua

  16. May a little a little bit :P

  17. STP

    LOL..good mah...just in case you get insomnia...a good book can bring you to dreamland without having to retort to those pills

  18. Alice

    Lucky he managed to get it open or books under the trees lor

  19. Hilda

    Don't know coz the lock looks like have been tampered with

  20. Auntie Cleff

    tu la suruh pigi tak mau....Alice dah pigi dah


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