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Friday, 9 December 2011

Bibik House Cendol and a Walk at Jonkers Street.

Angry! Ditched by Mamarazzi. I was sleeping in the car and Mamarazzi ditched me. Papa waited in the car for me to wake up.

Mamarazzi went "shopping" at Jonkers street with Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick. When I woke up, Papa brought me to go look for Mamarazzi.

Finally found her and we adjourned to Bibik House for their delicious Cendol

 They even give the green thingy separately.

While everyone were enjoying the Cendol, I dig out what Mamarazzi bought from Jonker street. Got this "massage" thingy. Looks like a car.

 and this "Boxing hammer".

Mamarazzi bought this bottle if "cookies/biscuits/tidbits"(?) from Bibik House. Instead it's Chicken Floss. Tasted very good. 

Papa and me polished off the whole bottle. Nothing left for Mamarazzi.

Papa reminded Mamarazzi to buy some Cincaluk. Can "experiment" at home. 

If you wish to buy Cincalok from Jonkers Street, it is advisable for you to survey a few shop. 

Mamarazzi noticed that the price varies a lot from one shop to another for a bottle of Cincaluk of the same size. One shop was selling RM4 per bottle while a shop two doors down the road was selling it for RM2-50 a bottle!.

This round she bought a container of Pineapple Tarts from LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House. 

If her memory did not failed her, this box cost RM8. Worth every sens coz the taste suits her well. Regretted that she didn't buy more. 

Ahem ahem...wonder if any Santa/Santarina going to bring some of this to KL......

Guess what are these? Spaghetti straps tops? Some one says it looks like bra while Papa said the swirls looks like condoms. 

It's actually bags for ladies. Sadly, Mamarazzi noticed the tag says "Made in Thailand". She saw a lot of products in the knick knack shops are no longer products of our country. 

What happen to "Barang Buatan Malaysia"? Retired like Dr. M?


  1. I had cendol at Makko... Was so very very nice, I had seconds.

  2. haha, that one is bag?? i thot those are bikinis haha!! wow, new layout!! i think this is a lot better, since the link to comment is at the bottom so more convenient than the previous one where so troublesomely we have to scroll back to the top after reading..

  3. Hey, I love the new header! What a great shot. What was that chicken floss stuff?

  4. Pineapple tarts, my favourite, keke...

  5. Oooh, Melaka!:) I was there last year too; and I remember the walk down Jonker Street, and cendol :p
    Oh ya, the famous pineapple tarts, everyone who goes to Melaka will never forget to bring a box of this home. Surveying is a must when you are shopping on streets like these, and sometimes you can really stumble upon something really good at a bargain! I do agree on the local products; we no longer have that and I find it ironic that the government is calling for Malaysians to buy our own products. Funnily though, when I am in other countries, I find Made in Malaysia stuffs...LOL, I always laugh when I spot them :p
    Nice Melaka trip, makes me wanna plan a trip soon too!;)

  6. wow..mamarazzi change to new blog templates liao.. yau leng cai ge yin siong wo.. ho cute.. :D

  7. I remember the first time I knew about you, you just came back from Malacca.. :) how many years since?

  8. Oohh you bought the cincaluk! I should have bought that during my melaka trip.. perfect for omelette right!

  9. Those bags are funny. I think I agree with papa. And I'd love a pineapple tart right now. :)

  10. I bought my pineapple tarts from bibik house cendol, quite nice. Didn't get to try their cendol thoughh (:

  11. Spaghetti straps tops? Some one says it looks like bra while Papa said the swirls looks like condoms. 'Burst in to laughter when i read this '.. Hahah! Im going to Melacca this sunday too!!! yeeeeha!^^

  12. Oh..just wake up from sleeping, no wonder small kucing face so sad. hahahhaha

    Ah, the last picture look interesting, at first it do look like a spaghetti straps tops to me, but second look, it do look like a bag. Very interesting.

  13. Buatan Malaysia mahal..LOL!! Too many pineapple tarts can be found at Jonker St, dont know which one is good. At the end, didnt buy at all.

  14. i love cincalok. i am sure the cendol is delicious.

  15. Cincalok is my fav too but you know there's so many places to eat and plenty to buy at Jonkers and being a small eater, so much only I manage to try.

    Most products are made in Thailand these days as the cost of manufacturing is so cheap then being made in Malaysia but the price is almost the same whether you buy in Thailand or here as I check it out for the couple of days I was in Thailand.

  16. I love the bag, it's too cute!

  17. SK

    Thanks :) Licence lembu whole night baru managed to get it right.

    Bag la that one

  18. Courtney

    It's like a crispy cookies

  19. Christy

    Surprising how the price of one shop different from another so much. Ya it was a fun trip

  20. Janae

    Mamarazzi regretted not buying more

  21. Hilda

    Mamarazzi regretted notbuying more ....

  22. Nikel

    you can certanly say that again

  23. Annie

    Mamarazzi tak tau tak photo la...that why turn out like bikini la..spaghetti strap la ....kakaka

  24. Ling

    should have each one buy 1 hahaha can test makan one mah

  25. Lovefor food

    Same like Papa..he also love cincalok but not mamarazzi ..she dun like much

  26. Nava

    It's a food heaven like Penang.

  27. Christina

    Let's hope the new owners love them too :)


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