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Thursday, 8 December 2011

"38" Posts

Many thanks to A Mom's Diary who shared her knowledge in encryption with Mamarazzi.

Now she can ahem ahem against ahem ahem in certain posts....

Here is the 1st one :

Show encrypted text


By The Way Please Take Note(Nothing to do with the encryption):

Do head on to Anncoo Journal. She is having a GIVEAWAY (*hint hint Auntie Little Bird*). Aiyo....her Cakes Cups there is out of this world!!!! Go now and join! Even if don't win, at least will learn some baking tips from her.


  1. wah.. got ahem ahem post now... so the password to the ahem ahem post lei? :p

  2. what does encrypted text do actually? emm

  3. not sure why, but when i clicked on the encrypted link ,nothing happens

  4. Yalor...same here as Isaac. Dunno head or tail of what's going on. I would just stick to the more familiar roads - old man...hard to learn new things!

  5. isaac seems to be in the blur yet, Mama.. :)
    so what's up with 38?? anything to 8? :)

  6. don't quite get it..anyway, I'm hopping over to Anncoo..

  7. wah pandainya mamarazzi.. even more advanced than the scriptings found in my blog, hahaha~~ so what is the password?? i wanna 38 also~~ :p

  8. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you're the lucky one :)

    Still a little blur blur on this ^-^

  9. Auntie oso know how to encrypt post, but usually ah, auntie write whatever 38 will terus publish punya... berani write, will berani let ppl read wan. Wakakakaka!

  10. Dora

    To hide text and secure it with a password so that other people except selected few can read

  11. Isaac mistake...lupa put one code....pawssword is AKC

  12. Claire


    Nothing to 8 la...saja 38 . That's why title put as 38 post lo

  13. SK

    Learn from people one is AKC. Nothing secret about the post la kakaka

  14. AUntie Cleff

    Encryption not only use to gossip mah but also can use as a nice surprise.

    For example if you make Giveaway. Then when have selected the winner, can put the winner name in encryption to make it more suspense lo.

    A bit like magician do show "And the winner is.....key in the this password to find out!"

    It's fun :)

  15. Haha! Glad you found it useful Mamarazzi.

  16. A Mom's Diary

    Thanks least can know one more thing la...would be nice to use to declare giveaway winners and stuffs like that


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