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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dome, Pavillion

Last month end, we went to Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur to walk around. 

Wow..the Christams decoration was great. 
Haiyo...walked so much till my feet also pain-pain. Papa ajak us go and have a rest at DOME.

 Kucing tidur camni punya(Cats sleep like this)

Wek! My pants where got hole. Bluff me!

 Why not have something to eat while down there? Papa ordered Bolognaise Pasta (RM23).

Eh wah...manja(pampered). Want Papa feed pulak.

My cup of Fluffy Koala(RM16)

 MMm...I love the Whipped Cream on top.

Papa's cup of Cuppacino (RM12)

Mamarazzi's glass of Lemon Chill(RM13). Maybe it was too cold hence they took forever to make this. Have to wait for the Lemon to grow from the tree gua.

Taste..okay okay la.

Of the 3 drinks, I love the best is my Fluffy Koala. Yummmmm

Friday, 30 December 2011

Hardware Cafe at Space U8, Shah ALam

Earlier this month while helping a friend to check out some properties around Shah Alam area, we came across this new shopping mall.

It's located at Section U8, Shah Alam. Very big and new shopping mall. It was so new that there were barely 10 shops opened.

See what I mean...brand new shop. Saw that the Mall is equipped with some BIG ASS FANS.

No not swearing leh..that was what written on the fans. See!

Among the shops that were open was Hardware Cafe. Interesting concept as they combine hardware shop with quite a classy cafe.

As it was lunch time, Papa and Mamarazzi decided to have lunch here.

Wah...duno coz am cute handsome cheeky, the Jie Jie there gave me two mini cupcakes. Phewitt!! got heart shapes some more.


Need I say more? free wifi leh and tea. Guess maybe while the men browse through the hardware area, the ladies can have tea and fiddle with their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, strawberry and what not ya...

Mamarazzi had "LemoNail". Refreshing.

No typo error here. That's what they named the drink. They have funny names for the drinks like Limedrill, Orange Cutter, Strawberry Pail and etc. 

Did you noticed the serviette sticking to the glass? Very considerate of them. Normally if a glass filled with iced water, it would be very cold to touch. When they put the serviette there, it would be much easier for the customers to hold their drinks.

Hmm...not much of hardware stuffs yet. Guess coz the shop is brand new. Give it a few weeks sure will be full of stuffs.

We had the Hardware Fried Rice, served with Chicken Wings and Acar(pickled pineapple and carrots)

I like the Papadoms. Both Papa and Mamarazzi liked the Fried Rice. It was delicious. The soup was normal. Could have been better.

We also had Mango Squid with "Sambal Belacan" served with steamed Rice. 

Papa dare not try as the Sambal looks very spicy. Guess Nava would have like it. Mamarazzi like it well enough though it was spicy. However, she would preferred the Sambal to be less salty. Too bad about the mango as it was too ripe. If it was crunchy then it would have been perfect. 

Please don't be deterred from trying this dish. It was good. The squid was fresh.

If you happens to be in this area, do drop by to try out the food here. Hardware Cafe, B1-23-3, Kompleks Space U8, No. 8, Persiaran Pasak Bumi, Taman Bukit Jelutung, Section U8,40150 Shah Alam Tel: 03-5033 4888.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid food review or an invited food review.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Claypot Loh Shi Fun at Restaurant Makanan Laut Yoke Heng, Serdang Raya (Revisited 2011)

After the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale at South City Plaza, we went cari makan.
I got a bit "hyper". Super fly!!!

Checking back the record, Mamarazzi realised that we only come to this restaurant once a year. he last time we came was last year.

Last year, the shop was still one lot. This round we went, it had "grown". Now there are two shop lots. One with air-cond.

Had their famous Claypot Loh Shi Fun. Taste as good as ever.

One bowl is not enough!

Their "Chiew Pai Tauhu".

My "green noodles". That's what I call these beans. Taste very good. Young.

Of course having Caypot Loh Shi Fun is not enough. I have to have some fried rice too. Yumm yumm..they added chopped "char Siew"(BBQ Pork) in the fried rice.
Here is the address Yoke Heng Restaurant, No. 33, Jalan SR 8/4, Taman Putra Indah, Serdang Raya, 43300 Seri Kembangan.Tel:03-89438753

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pressie and Gifts. many people to thank. Where shall I begin? Guess best it's to begin from the beginning.

The gifts and presents started more than a week ago.

Many thanks to Auntie Annie for inviting us to meet up with STP and thank you to Mommy Ling for "tumpang-ing" us there.

 Thank you for the goodies bag, Annie

and for ordering these delicious meat kompiah

 Mamarazzi had it with Kopi-O

While I like it crunchy

 Aiyo..paiseh betul for the generous STP carried this all the way from Sibu as "hand letter" to us.

Hmm...I wonder...Can I finish this bag of rice ka?

Not only that..also received a Greeting card and a T-Shirt from him too via pos. Thank you! Thank you!

A small mountain of "pressie" to be open. Which one 1st?

This one with the cute snowman first la.


A super hero jigsaw puzzle!

I wonder what is inside the BIG box from Santa.

*blink blink* got a pouch for me wor. Inside got chocolates!

Got a little doggy for me. Aiks..Santa also enclosed pressie for Papa and Mamarazzi wor. Hmmm...aren't they "over age" liao meh?

Got kru kru sound geh...what is it ah?

EEEee...Mega Bloks wor.

This big big one is Papa's.

Alamak...Papa lazy to open ah...ask me to open pulak.

Found this packet of Muruku under the Christmas Tree. Hmmm...I open Muruku to makan first la...opening pressie is hard work you know...have to replenish my energy with some Muruku first.

Thank you to all for having me in your thoughts and for all the pressie and gifts.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner at House of Pakeeza, Petaling Jaya

It's back to work today for most people. How was your Christmas?

For us, it Christmas was good. We had a pretty unconventional Christmas Eve Dinner. Usually people would have Roast Turkey but we had Pakistani food instead.

A bunch of us went to the House of Pakeeza at Section 14, Petaling Jaya.

A friend gave me this set of cars as Christmas present. I wanna open it but Mamarazzi said cannot. Hence the not syok look.

Hehehe...happy liao coz Mamarazzi finally open it for me. Nice nice cars. Vrooooom!! Played cars while waiting for the food to come.

Too bad I didn't get to play long coz the service was quite fast.

 Mango Lassi for me. Mmm....nice nice.

Mamarazzi opt for Mango Shake. Says nice but after she tasted my Mango Lassi, she said mine one is nicer.

Puri..ahem ahem.."christian-ed" by Mamarazzi's friend as "Ham Chim Peah - Pakistani version".

 Capati. Taste so nice that we ordered some more.

Plain Roti Naan

Roti Naan with Garlic

Mutton Briyani. Was shocked at the gigantic size of the Mutton. 

The Mutton was very tender and juicy though the Mutton smell was a bit strong for Mamarazzi.

They gave us some Curry as gravy

Papa ordered some dishes to go with Roti, Naan, Capati and Briyani

Something-something Chicken(Mamarazzi forgotten the name). Not bad.

 Maharani Dhall. Pretty special as there was something like egg in it.

Palak Paneer. Papa says its "baby food". It's made of Spinach and Cheese. All of us love this. 

One friend love it so much that he asked his wife to cook this for him.

Brinjal Pajeri. Almost everyone liked this. For Mamarazzi it was ok-ok only. Maybe coz she is not accustomed to this dish.

Errr...something something Mutton. Not bad. No strong mutton smell.

Papa says this is Aloo Gobi. Made of Cauliflower and Potato. Nice to eat with Capati.

The dishes was so nice that we had to "tambah Nasi"(asked for more rice)

 Hehehe...Very big bone

HAH CHAK!!! Who tries to steal my cars, I will "ketuk"(knock) their head with this!

 Shall I "chew" the bone?

After dinner, Papa ordered this funny looking "ice Cream" for me. I didn't like it much. Neither did Mamarazzi. Says too much taste in it. But another friend loves it. 

Papa says this is called "Kulfi". A northern Indian Ice Cream.

Had some Kashmiri Tea. Everyone agrees it was very good. 

Hmmm, was certainly a wonderful dinner. Service was good and fast.

Here is the address if you would like to try out their food: House of Pakeeza, The Right Angle, 16 & 18, Jalan 14/22, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel : 03-7956 4564/5754.

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