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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time Out During Breakfast

After having Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, we went back to the hotel to ZZzzzzzz..I don't know what time Papa and Mamarazzi Zzzz but I Zzzzz after drinking my nightly milk. Not from Mamarazzi but bought from the store.

The next morning we woke up early to have our "complimentary" buffet breakfast. Not really complimentary as have to pay RM9 for two person. Not bad lah since it's in the Hotel itself.

Looks like saying grace but I was not. Mamarazzi knew that I like noodles and sausages so she got me some of it. 

I ate a bit of the noodles and Mamarazzi have me a piece of Sausage. 

I "Hamster" the sausage for don't know how long. 

In case you are wondering what is "hamstering", it's a new word Mamarazzi created for me as i like to keep food especially meat in my cheek for a long time. Refuse to chew and swallow the meat. 

Mamarazzi got herself a plate of Nasi Lemak. 

Hmm...not sure why the rice is green in color but it sure smell great. Just too bad the rice was a bit soggy. Otherwise everything is perfect.

 Papa took some fruits.

The sausage which I have "hamstered" finally came out again and Mamarazzi went and get some noodles for me. 

Usually I love Yellow Noodles with soup. But this round, I played the fool.

Mamarazzi was furious and I was punished. Time out for me. Chair facing away from the table.

Papa, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence had the Half Boiled Eggs. 

At first Auntie Florence thought it's Hard Boiled Eggs. Lucky for her as Papa broke the eggs first and discovered that it's Half Boiled Egg. No labels at place.

 Papa also had some toast.

Mamarazzi tried to have some porridge but after a mouthful she didn't like it. She said the porridge tasted funny for her.

They also have some Dim Sum and Paus but it was nothing to shout about.

Well, can't complaint much since it's only RM9 for two person. Even if eat outside the price would have been much higher. 

After a full stomach, (except mine) we set off for our adventures.


  1. Hey! My post today also on hotel breakfast...but mine's free. Anyway, RM9, cheap lah!!! Hmmm...not good boy, should lock in toilet in hotel, no need to go out and enjoy! Spank! Spank!

  2. ok lah, RM9 for two person, cannot complain much lah.. hahaha, i love the last photo, the smiley face made by the dimsum looks so cute~~ :D

  3. hey Kathy, what hotel did u stay in? Breakfast is really super cheap!

  4. awww, not enough to eat? But i'm sure you guys had more food after this breakfast! nom nom nom

  5. Good morning mamarazzi :) how are u today?

    why the lil boy face looks sob sob one :P

  6. yummy nasi lemak..i'm going for get nasi lemak right away!

  7. Wah, good selection for RM9

  8. Oh, thought the hotel provide breakfast and do not need to pay for it...

  9. Hi SK, I love satay chelup. Used to eat in Malacca old days, where it all originated from.
    Its always the gravy most important.
    This one of the foods I certainly will be looking forward to eat on our next balek kampong.
    Nice pics......

  10. I love a buffet breakfast, though I've never seen one quite like that. That looks very filling! Fun pictures. :)

  11. Maybe they put pandan leaves to cook the nasi lemak rice, hence the colour?

  12. Big plates with small portion of food.. haha!~

  13. i think i know this hotel la. naza ka? =p

  14. For RM9.00, its worth the price and esp for those they have served. I have to agree with you that the rice looks a little soggy.

  15. Hmm, I wonder if Hamstering the food inside the mouth is due to the fact the food is not nice, or too nice?

  16. Only RM4.50 per adult for buffet breakfast? Seems like the hotel is doing "sik pun sang yi" ler ;)

  17. This hotel looks familiar. Not sure if the one I used to stay before. Is it start with B?

  18. LOL @ "hamstering". I can see you all had a great and healthy breakfast.

  19. I'm sorry but you look TOO cute while getting time out Small Kucing, haha! Sapu clean next time OK & perhaps Mamarazzi will reward with yummy ice cream :D

  20. Hamstering the food!! That just cracks me up!!

    Too bad the little guy got in trouble ;(

  21. Mell-o

    sob sob coz kena scolding lo

  22. Wenn

    hahaha nasi lemak memang sedsp

  23. Lee

    There are a lot of Satay celup ...

  24. Janae

    Buffet are fun coz we can choose what we like to eat

  25. Choi Yen

    Maybe gua but smell very nice lo

  26. Prince and princess mom

    all their plates like that work

  27. Angel Bear

    LOL...for me to know and your to guesskekkeke

  28. Medie

    LOL...but some hotel give complinmentary breakfast leh

  29. Nava

    if the rice a bit firm then it would have be perfect

  30. Chloe

    Hotel no sik pun one la....

  31. Tanntoot

    Ice cream ...morning cannot eat ice cream wor

  32. Christina

    It's the time where start to be naughty


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