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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Teatime at Secret Recipe

Some time last month Mamarazzi wanted to go to pasar malam But as it was still early, we dropped by the Secret Recipe in Taman Megah.

Saw this promotion. Buy a slice of Cake and get a cup of Free Coffee or Tea.

Yup...Mamarazzi got a slice of their yummy Chocolate Banana Cake and a Cup of Coffee. Yummmm....delicious.

 But the best of all is this! This out let have Play Land.

Giddap horsey!


  1. I LOVE places with a playland!! We don't have any close by, but sometimes when we travel we find one. Looks like an awesome piece of cake, too!

  2. nice.. banana cake is drooling =D

  3. Those chocolate banana cake is something else. One of my favorite flavors. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. chocolate banana cake spuds delicious. Hugs!

  5. I wonder if they have those offers here. Will go and check later. Feel like eating cake too... Yummmm!!!

  6. Hubby love this tea promotion but I get bored of it >///<

    PS: which branch have playland?

  7. Wah...tea time at Secret Recipe? Mine is dinner or supper .. hahaha... time to go for my brunch now.. 11am.. dont know what to eat...

  8. Many people simply love the cakes from Secret Recipe and thats a nice piece of banana cake too.

  9. I love those secret recipe cakes!

  10. Oh yums! I too love the choc banana cake.. Many years ago, when I was still in school, I had to have a slice every week! I packed quite some pounds on my hips coz of that.. Haha..

  11. The Chocolate Banana Cake looks delicious! Secret Recipe, wait for me! :)

  12. The slice of cake makes me drooling!!!

  13. I saw big chunk of banana in the cake yum yum! Awwww, small kucing so hyper, having really fun time with papa (:

  14. May

    A good weekend to you too May

  15. Katherine

    Yu Love the choc Banana cake

  16. Claire

    LOL....but dinner one is more mahal leh

  17. Jessica

    Choc Banana Cake waits for no one...want then must be fast

  18. Sharon

    dont drool . Go out and get one :)


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